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  1. The term "IMG" is only useful as a label to distinguish those that graduated a medical school outside of the country in question. The worldly statement "It is a fact that all of the IMG's that come to Canada, 90-95% will not obtain a residency…” is completely uninformative. It’s like saying cancer is bad. Well yeah… but there are also a lot of other factors to take into consideration (type, tissue involvement, staging, treatment options/availability, etc.) The IMG data needs to become quite a bit more granular to allow prospective medical students, IMGs, post-graduate program coordinato
  2. I don't think that's the case at all advair250. Your comment implies that Canadians studying abroad (i.e. in Oz) aren't getting jobs (internships or residency spots) after they graduate. Yes? No?
  3. I agree with what I think is the general consensus in this thread - do a second degree, and potentially restudy and retake the MCAT. ...additional education never hurt anyone. Having said that, you could try to contact the people at OzTREKK and see if they have any stats/numbers on what the competitive average is, minimum scores etc that Aussie Universities are accepting from Canadian students. (The advertised cut offs of 8/8/8 and 2.7 are meaningless if the competitive average, or range, is much higher.) Best of luck
  4. For those who are studying, or have studied, at an Australian medical school, is a vehicle required? Highly recommended? If so, for all 4 years? Just the last 2 years? Any advice is appreciated. I'm currently trying to budget a realistic COL while I'm there. Cheers.
  5. Yes - but the lines get really blurred if you're a Canadian and EU citizen (IMG), graduate from an EU school, then seek residency (internship) in an EU program. In other words... I don't think being a Canadian IMG in Ireland is the same as being a dual Canadian/EU IMG in Ireland when it comes to obtaining an internship position - that's what I'm trying to find out.
  6. Bump... Can anyone verify this?? Where can this be found in writing? Cheers.
  7. Thank you - although I haven't been invited for an interview yet. Several Australian applications were only sent in a week or two ago.
  8. I'm planning on keeping as many doors open as possible ...I'm not as concerned with (focused on) where I end up, as I am with a career path that I will enjoy.
  9. Everyone's responses are less than helpful.
  10. I've heard there are "date" issues when applying back to Canada (from Ireland) as an IMG: something to do with when the final med school exams are held, and when the deadline to apply for IMG spots is. I know of someone who recently graduated from Ireland, who could only apply to select programs in Sask and Manitoba because he/she wasn't able to apply to the other provinces (due to the Irish exam dates). I'm obviously a little fuzzy on the details - thus if anyone could clarify this, that would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Is this a little weird that University College Dublin takes in students without an interview? Not even brief Skype conversation. Or not weird?
  12. Hi RMR, I have a couple questions I'm hoping you could guide me on. Just a bit of background.... To date, I've sent several applications to various Australian and Irish medical schools. I've been offered admission to the University College Dublin (UCD), and have 3 other interviews lined up. As for the other schools, my application is still under review, or the review process hasn't begun yet. (But I imagine/assume/hope I'll receive a few more interview offers as the summer progresses.) If I receive multiple offers of admission, which obviously hasn't happened in Canada , I'm tryi
  13. I'm considering the nursing degree holder route (2 year program) at the UofC as a backup to medicine. Does anyone have any experience with their program? ...I'm more or less interested in the marking schema, as I will very likely continue to apply to medicine. ...In fact I'm certain I will. Does anyone have any idea on how grades are awarded (for the courses that count towards the GPA)? - are B's just given out across the board? - are A's achievable? ...achievable, but darn near impossible? The last thing I want is to go into a second undergraduate program, and have it lower my medi
  14. Unfortunately, I've learnt that close only does count in horse shoes and hand grenades. It's the MCAT VR, with a score of 6, that is holding me back. Hence why I'm re-writing it. GPA of 3.6-3.7 (depending on how the schools calculate GPA), and ECs that seem to be graded much "higher" than a lot of applicants / current med students.
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