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  1. Hey guys, I can confirm there's about 23 people in that group that are upper-years. Congrats to those accepted and good luck to those still waiting!
  2. There is going to be a significant number that will decline first round of offers. So let's approximate and say 60 people will get off the waitlist that they will call in the days following May 24th. Those waitlisted individuals who got accepted have about a week to accept the offer. And most likely a small percentage won't accept and so they'll have to make another round of offers the following week (~early June) and give those people about a week. And then a few won't accept and they give them another week and then 1 person doesn't accept. And then another person may wish to defer the year a
  3. 1. I would speculate from previous years that about 60-70% get in off the good waitlist. 3. Yes, not all good waitlisters get offers. 4. Class is filled email usually gets sent out late July or early-mid August. However, in previous years there have been some people who were accepted the first week of school.
  4. Yes. The taxi can drop you right in front of Roger Guindon where interviews will take place.
  5. I believe the interviewers are given just 1 page outlining your ABS, but I may be wrong.
  6. Hey guys, I can understand how anxious you all are. Hang in there. They did release interview invites on Jan 28 last year which was a Wednesday. In previous years they released interview invites the last Friday of the month. So about a week and half left to go!
  7. I did not receive a confirmation email last year.
  8. Hey guys. Quick question for a friend of mine who is applying this year. How do you input non-degree courses (course completed after he graduated)? Would it be under supplementary?
  9. Was anyone able to get another company (rogers, bell) to match the telus deal for medical students? Just wondering.
  10. I went to CIBC branch and the advisor told me that he recommends I have some money (~15000) on my chequeing account. Otherwise I may need a guarantor.
  11. When I did mine I got a temporary card that I sent in that everyone else in the class also received. I'm sure that will be sufficient as usually official certification card takes a while to arrive.
  12. Generally yes. But the deadline for deferrals is approaching and some people may still get accepted to out of province schools. So there may be just a few more spots left in my opinion. The last known GPA we stopped at was 3.97, so if you're close, you may still have a shot.
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