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  1. Does anyone have any experience or advice for the residency CASPer? Is it substantially different from the med school version? I wasn't even aware that it was a requirement for certain programs until recently and the date is coming up fast! Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hey, I'm also a non-trad! The Halifax Sexual Health Centre is a good place to volunteer if you can commit to one 3-hour shift a week. A lot of the volunteers are students that leave for the summer so they might be looking for some now. There are two types of positions, 'in back' (cleaning exam rooms, labelling specimens, etc.) and 'out front' (checking in patients, answering phones, etc.). It's a good way to see how a clinic runs day-to-day. Every year I've been there a few of the volunteers get accepted (including me, this year!). Edited to add - if I were you I would continue on with the
  3. My IP (NS) score last year was 71.60 and I did not get off the waitlist. However, Dal apparently goes by your z-score, not your strict score (and no one knows their z-score).
  4. 3rd time non-traditional IP applicant 2014 - rejected 2015 - waitlisted 2016 - accepted! I'm so, so, so relieved. To everyone who has been rejected or waitlisted who plans to apply again, look at your scores and see the areas you can realistically improve in. I do not have a science background and my GPA and MCAT score were just ok (3.7 and 28) The only thing I did differently this year was tweak my essay, have an extra year of volunteering to add and I paid for interview coaching, which was worth it. The interview is a huge part of your score.
  5. Seriously though....why does it take so long compared to elsewhere?
  6. Hi all, Is anyone driving back to Halifax from SJ on Saturday that could take an extra passenger? My interview is at 11:15 so I'm guessing we'll be done between 1 and 1:30....thanks!
  7. Ugh, that's so frustrating...but they also said that anyone who didn't pay/upload in time would have their interview cancelled and that wasn't true, so I'm holding out hope!
  8. I requested Halifax for my interview since I live about 10 feet away from the hospital, but I was assigned to Saint John, which I can't afford to travel to right now. Is anyone interested in switching locations with me? :/
  9. I've never lived in Ontario and have virtually no knowledge of McMaster University or the surrounding area. On the very slim chance I do get the option to rank my campus choices, how would you describe each campus, and the pluses and minuses? My current city has a population around 300,000 but I have lived in smaller towns as well (~30,000). Thanks for any info!
  10. I don't think so. Based on what Dal's website says, you'd have to live here for two years before your start date and your aunt/uncle would have to be your legal guardian. Link
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