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  1. You must make the RC cutoff to receive an interview. Your AA, which unless I remember incorrectly, includes RC, counts for 15%. UWO looks at your two best years, they specifically look at your average, not GPA. Hope this helps!
  2. I was in the same position as you last summer, I wrote the MCAT in August and the DAT in November. Although there are differences between the two exams as other posters have pointed out, I found the MCAT to be great prep for the DAT. I studied for the MCAT all summer and then just reviewed for the DAT in October. Good luck with studying and choosing between two great professions, it's a difficult decision.
  3. Keith, I don't think that there was a form attached to the e-mail, I didn't received one either. I think that we have to wait until the letter from the registrar's office arrives in the mail.
  4. I don't think we'll hear until tomorrow, at the earliest. UWO was like this (taking forever!!) with their med school acceptances as well this year, we didn't hear until a few days after we were supposed to as well.
  5. As of last week the waitlist had moved 3 spots
  6. Good morning all, I was just wondering if anyone knows what sort of stats, in terms of average & DAT score, the 15 students who received early acceptance from UWO had last year??
  7. I just spoke with someone in admissions at U of T and she said they expect the wait list to move " well into the 30s"
  8. I'm sure you have a good chance at UWO, I do know that they give the bonus points for honors & masters degrees AFTER the interviews however. You should call Trish at UWO admissions for more information, honestly she's really friendly and more than happy to answer any questions.
  9. Last year it was 40 and in 2006 24, fairly significant movement.
  10. Dandoon, Even though I've been waitlisted at U of T, so I'm all for people turning down Toronto offers so the wait list will move , I think you should accept their offer since it's your top-choice. Besides, from what others have posted on this thread you'll actaully be saving money in the long run by not going to UBC; its a win-win situation.
  11. haha hardly but thanks anyways noldol. Does anyone know if U of T has released the gpa of those candiates accepted? I think I remember reading that last year this info was published in the letters sent to applicants who were rejected.
  12. Noogie you're right, the list is bound to move, and thanks for the support nodnol. I interviewed at mac, uwo, and u of t for medicine and have an interview at uwo for dentistry at the end of the month. It's just disappointing that the first school I've heard back from wait-listed me. Oh well on the bright side at least this means I don't have to put down a $2000 deposit before hearing from any other schools.
  13. Nodnol, I think the wait list moved by 40 spots last year and by 24 in 2006. I'm 14th on the list so I hope this trend continues!!!!
  14. Wow, the waitlist moved 40 spots last year???
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