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  1. When I was really tight on characters, I substitued & for "and" where it was appropriate. For example, if you are describing two items such as "I went to the store to buy cookies & beer", I think it's fine. However, if you are writing a sentence like "I was the beast on the volleyball team and I drank my way into the beer olympics", I would stick with "and".
  2. For my application cycle, I had a few friends that got in with fairly low MCAT scores. Unless they've changed it this year, I don't believe the MCAT is a huge factor in the admissions decision. If you do have the time though, I would recommend rewriting the MCAT. It doesn't hurt to have a higher VR score, plus some other universities weight it heavily. If this is not an option, I wouldn't let that score get you down - your extracurriculars and GPA play a much larger role in your application. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Good luck
  3. I would recommend posting on the Facebook group - there are a quite a few people looking for housing still.
  4. I think making different activities is acceptable. Plus, if you have the room, it's an easy way to double that character count Edit: I actually did that for a couple activities that had multiple responsibilities.
  5. U of C aside, I've heard that medical students and residents receive a lot more attention from the attending staff in Alberta due to the difference in fee structure. In short, physicians have more of an incentive to teach students so they tend to give them a bit more attention. Also, Alberta Health Services is years ahead of the strange multiple health authority structure in BC. I would imagine this unification in health services in Alberta would reduce the unnecessary overhead of having to deal with Providence Health, Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, etc like it is in parts of British
  6. Accepted (VFMP) Timestamp: 11:02AM GPA: ~89% MCAT: 34 NAQ: pretty standard, average in my mind Interview: Felt really good about most stations Will be accepting UBC in lieu of any additional offers (if that even happens... haha)
  7. This is soooooooo bad. I'm having mild panic attacks at work.
  8. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow! One school to rule them alllllllllll
  9. Bah this is absolute torcher. One minute I'm thinking about how amazing it would be to get an offer, then a mere 5 seconds later I start panicking and realize there's no chance in hell I'll be accepted. If I could sleep until about 12 tomorrow I'd be sooooooo happy, but alas, work
  10. I believe that UBC is taking the old MCAT for another year.
  11. Bah waitlist... it's like purgatory. I really wish we knew where we ranked in the waitlist. If it's any consulation to you guys, if I get into UBC or Queen's I'll be pulling my name off the waitlist. This is going to be the most painful week of my life
  12. Waitlisted. cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 34 ECs: Fairly standard, maybe weaker than others Interview: Felt decent except for a couple stations. This is my first time applying to U of A. I think it's safe to say my feelings are very conflicted right now haha. Still 2 more universities to hear back from, so hopefully something well goes there! If I get into UBC or Queen's I will be pulling my name off the waitlist.
  13. Thanks for the response. So for your other science courses, did you complete all of the recommended reading? After completing the first couple units, I'm finding that the textbook provides a lot of irrelevant information. I'm finding myself bogged down in this additional detail and I feel like I'm missing the main points.
  14. Hello, I am currently enrolled in CHEM 301 at Athabasca U (a distance education university) and am looking to find some advice on how to approach this course. Since this course does not have a lecture component and is completely dependent on the provided textbook, I was hoping past students could give me insight into effectively studying the material. All of my previous coursework in engineering and other med school prerequisites were completed in-class with emphasis on lectures and corresponding notes - an easier method in developing an effective study plan. Thank you!
  15. So I received an email back from UBC Med admissions. Taking MBB 222 (which I've already completed) and CHEM301 from Athabasca U is enough to satisfy the biochem requirement. Also, I already have a degree in Computer Engineering I'm just trying to finish off the last of my pre-requisites.
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