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  1. From what I recall in volunteering from previous interviews there were somewhere around 360ish students there
  2. Hi hello ~ Potentially applying from UBC and I had a question – I was wondering how the OMSAS calculation handles courses which don't exactly follow: "Courses are weighted according to the length of study: Full-year course: Weight of 2 Half-year course: Weight of 1 Semester course: Weight of 1 Three-quarter course: Weight of 1.5" For example, I have some courses that are worth 12/15/18 credits whereas a standard 3 hour/week course for a semester is worth 3 credits. There's also some courses which are 1 or 2 credits as well. Anyone have some insight into how
  3. I wouldn't worry too much, just do well on the PCAT and you have a pretty decent shot. I know people in their mid-30s in the pharmacy program at UBC so honestly 25 isn't that bad. I'm in my 3rd year and the same age as you so don't worry about it haha
  4. As per the faculty FAQ: "Do you give preference to students from specific universities/colleges?In the selection of applicants, preference is given to well-qualified residents of BC who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Special consideration may be given to Aboriginal applicants and applicants from under-represented areas of BC.(http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,213,956,1563). Preference is not given to applicants based on their specific universities/colleges. " Just do your best if you happen to get an interview, don't really know what
  5. https://pharmsci.ubc.ca/programs/entry-practice-pharmd-degree/admissions-and-finances/how-apply Everything is listed here. As for equivalencies, this is listed in the FAQ on the page: How do I know if my courses meet the admission requirements?Due to the complexity of transfer credit evaluations and the large number of post-secondary institutions, we are unable to provide a listing of acceptable courses. UBC recommends that applicants who have studied at other institutions refer to the course descriptions on our Admission Requirements page under the section, “Non-UBC Students.” Addit
  6. You'll get plenty of emails from the faculty concerning registration and requirements, etc etc. so make sure to pay attention to those. In terms of registration, you just need to pick one of 6 standardized timetables found here: https://courses.students.ubc.ca/cs/main?pname=sttspec&tname=sttspec&dept=PHRMD&spec= 1 The only difference between them is which lab/tutorial sections you'll be attending because it's usually two of the three blocks, as well as the timing of some of your assessments such as lab exams. You'll have all your other classes with the full cohort of 224
  7. Hello everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your summer Registration for the Great Pharmacy Adventure (GPA) 2017 is now open! GPA will be on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017. It is similar to the amazing race but with added components such as a photo scavenger hunts and similar activities. This is a great time to meet some of your fellow classmates before the start of school. In addition, it’s a great way to meet upper years and ask them about their experiences in pharmacy! Please sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/46XKhujU4firQlRo2 Early bird registration is $35 until Jul
  8. Don't worry about textbooks and equipment for now. CAPSI and LKS will do textbook sales at the beginning of the year for all the required books + you'll be receiving an email from CAPSI in the coming weeks about stethoscope sales which should save you a bit of money on those. Make sure that you complete all the documentation that the faculty requires though – register with the College of Pharmacists and try to hunt down your immunization records before you go for your immunization review with UBC Student Health! Also you've probably noticed some posts from LKS on Facebook about the CPR co
  9. Congrats everyone! Don't worry too much if you haven't gotten your email yet. Last year they sent out a few batches of emails so it could even be sometime next week! Don't forget to join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1203698813073806/ Also note that you can join the 2019 and 2020 groups if you'd like to see some of the notes and such from last year~ Looking forward to meeting you guys in September
  10. As Jennifer mentioned during your interviews, it'll be during late May or early June.
  11. Congratulations on finishing your interviews! It was nice meeting you guys As I mentioned during check-in, remember to join the Facebook group once you get your offer and keep an eye out for the Great Pharmacy Adventure signup later this summer!
  12. Ooh good luck to everyone with your interviews! Might see some of you there – I'm likely volunteering to help out with the MMIs.
  13. Transit is usually pretty solid. The only exception is if it starts snowing or something and the transit system gets delayed or something. As long as you leave early enough, it should be fine. As a note, I tend to add 5-10 minutes to whatever the Google maps trip time tells me in case of a slower bus driver or something along those lines. I've never taken the 44 before, but based on the route, I'd advise you to look for a bus that stops near the pharmacy building (ex. 25/43/41) so that you won't have to walk all the way from the bus loop.
  14. I guess I'll email Carol and ask what's up with the schedules. I'm on July 5th at 11:15 AM. Idk anyone else's
  15. Same here! All the STTs look the same though... what the heck
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