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  1. I never got around to posting but I got accepted around April 15 with a score of 68.6. Appreciate everyone and their support on this forum!
  2. Just wanted to break the silence, and see if people are getting movement off the mun NB waitlist
  3. Congratulations Waitlistmovement Im on the NB list as well, can relate to all the stress hahaha
  4. IP- NB Waitlist! Score: 68.6 22/25 MCAT &GPA 19/35 EC 27.6/40 Interview. Good luck all!
  5. Hey premed101 forum, this is my first essay, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! prompt 29 A person's first priority in life should be financial security. Describe a specific situation in which a person's first priority in life might not be financial security. Discuss what you think determines whether or not a person's first priority in life should be financial security. In today's modern society, everything surrounds money and financial stability. In today’s market in order for an individual to have the ability to purchase anything from food, clothing, ho
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