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  1. Do waitlist offer continue to come out on weekends? Or do we have to wait till Monday for more offers to be released?
  2. For those accepted off the waitlist, did you receive a phone call or email?
  3. Hi everybody! I was wondering if anybody had any tips or advice on how to prepare for interviews. From what I have read on premed101 and other websites, good ways to prepare include going over questions that can be found online and practicing with friends. Aside from these ideas, are there any other good ways to prepare? For example, were there any websites or policies that you found beneficial to read up on? Or were there other resources that you found useful? All advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. is the video check not loading for anyone else?
  5. I'm interested in practicing if anyone is interested. Where do you find these sessions? Are they on the medical schools' websites?
  6. Thanks!!! I really appreciate the help! Haha, that always happens!!
  7. Thanks! Do you know approximately what time the test with the carving section starts at?
  8. Hi, I registered for the DAT but I don't see anywhere saying what time the exam will be written at. Can anyone clarify this?
  9. what books would you recommend using? because all of the plans on SDN are using older books
  10. Thanks! No problem I might just give those schools a call
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