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  1. yes. 90% of the work is done. if you have any academic associatin in the future pubs will help regardless of speciatlty.
  2. Also Agree. When I interviewed way back when I was impressed and after my interview experience ranked it higher than some Ontario programs.
  3. Rad Onc PGY5. Gonna disagree with you. Jobs situation is way better than previous. Average is still 1 year fellowship but most have a job out of residency or after 1 year. Ottawa is a good program and suprised it went unmatched over others . I think having everything virtual hurt the smaller specialties as impossible to get a feel for the program without visiting.
  4. Some programs "force you" to enter the second round rather than just not enter it, hense the worse number. The five year GIM program is a waste in my opinion, (just an extra year of labour for the hospital where you get paid 1/5th of what you would make clinically. GIM is an attractive specialty right now. We need GIM more than multiple subspeciaties. 1 year (and only 17 people at that) doesn't make a trend. Its hardly concerning and completley different compared to medical school unmatching.
  5. There's no right or wrong. If I was in your shoes I would do an elective at my first choice. I think that it certainly helps your chances but rad onc tends to be a specialty that doesn't mandate an onsite elective like some surgery programs. I don't know how popular RO will be this year. In the past 4 years rad onc has been in top 5 most competitive specialties as well as bottom 5. In my match year, Ottawa matched 0/2 and UBC matched 2/2. Following year UBC had an unmatched spots. These things are not predictable. Both are good programs. You can always try and do a post carms, prein
  6. I disagree. The best way is to get the "previous sample" questions that are passed down year to year and practice those.
  7. You get long term disability insurance through paro while a resident. Pre-existing conditions should affect it. That being said it will expire when you become a staff. That is why a lot of the OMA and RBC insurance companies speak at the end of medical school. Most do not require a physical etc. look into that.
  8. You crazy haha. Although tbh your first score was probably better since more programs care about the verbal.
  9. The latter. A job in your ideal city may not have an opening for 5+ years sometimes.
  10. That being said, I think radiation oncology is a great career. The one thing is you have to be okay settling down permanently in other areas away from family and friends. Think long and hard about that.
  11. you have to wait at least 6 months into your residency and the people to talk with is your PGME. I would not inform your matched program about your plans.
  12. you will have to wait at least 6 months into your residency.
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