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  1. Can't believe it's been that long already... Barely recognize the medical school admissions process anymore. Anyways, I'm happy to refresh it, if someone would work on it. I don't even know where to start... I don't even recognize how the MCAT is scored
  2. Copied from emails and the online scheduler The Interview Scheduling system at http://dom.lhsc.on.ca/carms does NOT include all Universities/Programs across Canada. I have added a link to show all the participating Universities/Programs on the web page. If the University/Program is not listed you will have to contact that university for your interview. Each University/Program are responsible to activate their university to accept interview scheduling. Under the column Web Page Active? if it says No then you will not be able to click on the university name. If it says Yes then click
  3. it's a scaled test to get a good score, you have to score in the 85th % so even if you find all the questions easy, i guarantee there's 50% of people who will also find it easy. it's getting those few extra hard questions that makes the difference.
  4. someone posted this a few year's ago 87-100: 4.0 86: 3.9 83-85: 3.8 82: 3.7 81: 3.6 80: 3.5
  5. Actually, If you're smart enough to get into Harvard, you probably have what it takes to graduate from Harvard. Further, the smartest students not only go to Harvard, they decide to DROPOUT: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Matt Damon, Mark Zuckerberg (facebook), Robert Frost, Buckminster Fuller, etc To the OP: Grades aren't everything.
  6. My experience was the e-mcat tests were fairly close to my real score. Though I did use Princeton and Kaplan too. Overall, I think they all do a good job of helping you practice what an MCAT would be like.
  7. You are right Alastriss. I only read the title and posted my reply. I didn't read about the question of IP/OOP presented by the OP.
  8. Dumb Thread. All medical schools (in the world, respected medical schools) are hard to get into. Just because some schools have preferences for their own provincial students, that doesn't make the caliber of those students any less.
  9. Get to know each prof a bit more, if possible tell them you'll be planning on applying to medical school. If you're genuinely interested in their research and are competent, they won't mind taking on a student that plans to enter medical school. If they do, they're probably not the prof you want to work with.
  10. Best way to answer your question is to visit each campus and trust your gut instinct
  11. Your friend was smart enough to get into Harvard and Washington. Your friend was also smart enough to make the right choice.
  12. I've noticed quite the same questions circulating this forum over and over, so I have taken my time to write a guide to these common questions. I've so far written the guide on my site. It's better viewed there as the links work and the formatting is a bit better. I will continually update and refine it. Should I Rewrite the MCAT I will repost the information in this post. If anyone has any general advice / specific advice / success stories / scenarios they want to add to this thread, feel free. Hopefully, this can be a resource that future forum members can find useful. What is your
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