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  1. Student Loans are your best bet during Medical School since you don't have any interest accumulating while you are in school. Interest on a LOC accumulates the minute you take money out. Where the difference in LOC's lie, is that some you need to make monthly payments and some capitalize the interest (meaning they tack it on to your balance). The Prime + 2.5% references student loans interest rates once you are in repayment, in most time during residency. And as for the comment on Financial Planning / Budgeting, you can do that with MD even if your line of credit is elsewhere. We
  2. jmes.91 just make sure to say Hi when I give you your bag at McMaster!
  3. Can I please dispel this myth..... we order enough bags for the incoming class with a few extra... there is a warranty for manufacturing defects but not wear and tear. We don't have a lifetime supply of them kicking around because we custom order these from high sierra. Sometimes backpacks are sent away for repair but most are due to usage so the cost is nominal for the person to have it fixed....
  4. Quebec students get them as well. For OttawaU the dean has asked us not to distribute to their students so we respect their decision.
  5. It hasn't leaked because it is a huge secret to most of the staff at CMA and MD don't know as well. There are only a handful of us that know the colour! (Hence the secret society..... thought we don't really wear Robes and light candles) Everyone in Canada does get them except Ottawa U... we will be posting the reveal video tomorrow at noon. (It did leak early last year) We wait until all of the Calgary students are in the auditorium with no cell connection
  6. We have added another date for St John's Newfoundland on June 21st Details are found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1404867099540163/
  7. The Canadian Medical Association and MD Financial Management will be holding Preparing for Medical School Sessions in a few locations over the next month. Each of the sessions will cover information on how to finance your medical training, budgeting and average debt loads of medical school students. We will also have local Med Students and CFMS Representatives who will speak on their experiences and what they wish they knew before the started medical School. Kingston – June 8th- https://www.facebook.com/events/1776136982619816/ Hamilton- June 13th- https://www.faceb
  8. July 6th this year.... We launch the colour the day of Calgary's orientation.
  9. Good Round up! We also have one of the cheapest rates for Goodlife fitness and you can use it all over the country. https://www.cma.ca/En/Pages/medical-students.aspx
  10. Well what is the verdict??? Am I going to get Hate emails this year like I did for the Orange ones?? We did expect you guys to be trolling our You tube channel so early!
  11. Hi Everyone. Well today has FINALLY come! We can't wait to reveal this years backpack colour. We will be posting a video on our Facebook page around 12:30 (EST). https://www.facebook.com/MDFinancialManagement I am just as excited as you guys... and I know the colour!!! Hope you like it Casey PS The auditorium where it's being revealed in Calgary has NO cell connection or WIFI...... We didn't do that on purpose!!! https://mdm.ca/contact-us/meded.asp www.cma.ca
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