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  1. Interested in this, especially comparing FM opps without the +1s, and scope/opportunities of the +1s vs IM Geri and IM Palliative in small cities and GTA
  2. Huge bump, but I think this post is worth revisiting. As seen above Psych was already getting competitive in 2017, there have been many unmatched psych-only gunners since 2019, so be aware that if applying to psych you should consider your plans for backing up vs doing a 5th year, there is lots of anxiety/depression/psychotherapy you can do as a GP, not to mention the 2 vs 5 year residency, similar portability, although having to re-rotate through IM Surg OB etc as a FM resident. OP may have matched by now but Psych hopefuls need to be realistic with the chances and realities of t
  3. In the spirit of the family doctor income post below, I was curious about the realistic earnings of Psychiatrists. Of course this field shouldn't be entered with a focus on bottom lines but it would be a shame if the income potential was underplayed. I am interested in the field and have heard from residents that there are opportunities for high income potential that aren't well known at the preclerk level. If possible any information regarding yearly take-home in the General Psychiatry practices, subspecialties/fellowships and corresponding hours of work would be much appreciated. Fa
  4. Generally each school has their own method of calculating acceptance rank, involving all of GPA, ECs, MCAT, and Interview (unless specifically mentioned that they do x% weighting, or only consider interview). In my humble opinion it would not necessarily be just your interview, but if you did feel you felt consistently poor in your interviews it may be. I'd take it as a critique of your whole application on average, and try to improve next cycle (though hopefully you'll get in this one) on multiple fronts.
  5. Nice, all I remember is having 4 homecomings.. I jest I jest
  6. Edited for succinctness: What are good hairstyles/rules for Interview (IV) appearance - Looking good vs "modest", Stylish vs average, Vain vs bland, overdoing it vs drab. Saying "tasteful" is easy, giving useful parameters is better (Colour schemes, what's too far - ie. Monocle)
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