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  1. Yeah, definitely. The interesting thing is how most people think this was a retaliation to one of the last two suspects from Paris being caught all of a block away from the Subway explosion. Doesn't validate it by any stretch, but, it does bring into question terrorism as opposed to pure violence.
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/21/europe/belgium-terror-fight-molenbeek/ What a world we live in... So sad to see this.
  3. It is, definitely, it just sucks that the dollar is so low when you have to do it haha. Imagine paying for this test a few years ago when it would have cost us $40 less than what's online!
  4. Yeah, I found out the hard way when it was $427.... Don't make that mistake..
  5. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/brock-university-sexual-harrassment-1.3485814 This is appalling that a university put their reputation above someone's life
  6. At least you're consistent? OP quite a few med students have them, so I see no reason why the interview runs any differently in terms of accepting them
  7. I'm not in kines, but I had a friend who graduated last year, and I remember asking her about her first couple years because another friend was interested in the program. So, I'll add what I remember form those, but I don't think I'll be of much help for the 2nd year you have listed. PEDS 100, 101 and 103 are anatomy and physiology (as I'm sure you know), and should all go together very well. Although they aren't hard courses, per se, they take up time. But, you should be at an advantage since they do go together in a sense. One thing I'm not sure you're aware of, PEDS 103 requires 101. Yo
  8. I can't speak for Usask or UBC, but UofC likely won't count them, although, there is certainly no harm in asking. Their website states: As far as I know, most programs, unless it's a college transfer program don't count college credits. But, again, there's no harm in asking.
  9. It depends how you take notes. I bought a new laptop last year and ended up buying the iPad pro/pencil this term. I don't ever take notes with my laptop, but it does come in handy for a lot of other things (assignments or research are easy examples). But, I like to write, so I went with the iPad since I was burning an insane amount of money on ink and paper for printing all the notes. A friend of mine uses both the keyboard and the pencil, but even some things he will pull his laptop out for outside of the classroom, so, it depends.
  10. I haven't applied yet, so I can't say how your EC's compare to those who got in/were invited. However, I did talk to them, and there are people who have definitely gotten interviews with a 3.69. Apparently, they interview a fair amount of people with a GPA around 3.7, you'll just need to make sure your ECs and interview are good (again, I can't speak for ECs).
  11. Few days late, but I guess most people don't want to post, or aren't in the same boat, haha. I avoid groups like the plague. I also avoid anywhere with people moving... Ironically, I also avoid home where people aren't moving. This, ultimately, leaves the library. Find a corner of a library, get some headphones, and the more angled you are to a wall, the better. If a group is necessary, and I'm actually in a class right now where it's beneficial for us, we keep it to just us two, and we're both motivated by the same goals so it's easier to stay on track. As soon as the group gets too big or so
  12. I can't speak for those schools specifically, but regardless of where you apply, you need to bring your GPA up. There are people a lot older than you are that get are starting medicine, or even starting an undergraduate degree. My recommendation is that if you have things going on right now that you believe to be the causative agent for your GPA, I recommend taking a little bit of time off to get it resolved before you try and continue. There is a topic somewhere along here that was revived about being a premed is contributing to their mental illness. I cannot stress this enough; your health c
  13. Not taking a single class causing you to be ineligible is probably something no one would recommend. If you were missing 3 or 4 classes and had to go out of your way to take them, then maybe, but most people still take the general courses even though a few schools removed course pre-reqs. Nonetheless, I'm with sunnyy, I'd recommend taking the class. Someone posted a little while ago about having one poor grade, and in the scheme of 4 years it accounted for 0.02 GPA difference, which is pretty negligible. I didn't find English hard, so I can't give any real advice as for how you should be
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