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  1. Hi all, If I was part of an activity, such a a sports team, throughout all four years of high school, am I able to list it as September 2009 -- June 2013, even though I was under the age of 16 when I began the activity (and obviously older by the time I finished). It would be listed as one activity. Or should I list it as simply [16th birthdate] -- June 2013? Thanks
  2. For any OOP applicants who applied to Dal in previous years, or are planning to apply this year, how related are you to Dalhousie? I am sending out an application there this year but was unsure if my relation to the area is strong enough to be considered. Thanks
  3. Opinions on the following courses? - Physiology 4100B (Metabolism and Digestion) - Physiology 4200B (Respiratory) - Physiology 4420A (Physiology of Exercise) - Physiology 4600A (Diseases of Ion Channels and Nervous System) - Physiology 4610B (Cardiovascular) - Physiology 4460B (Body Water and Renal) - Pharmacology 4320A (Cardiovascular) - Pharmacology 4350A (Clinical) - Pharmacology 4430B (Natural-Sourced Medicines) - Pharmacology 4660A (Human Toxicology) - Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B - Health Care Law 3101B - Pathology 3420A I am aware there are other threads
  4. Selling the SN2ed set. Comes with TBR (Berkley) bio, orgo, chem and physics books. Will also throw in the EK 2014 biology book. All in good condition. Only selling locally, London, Ont.
  5. Hi everyone, I write my MCAT this weekend and was wondering how schools look at your MCAT history. I know most Canadian, if not all, don't look at your history, they either take your best, or your most recent score. However, I want to make sure I'm still safe for American med schools (in case I ever decide to apply there). Do they average all of your MCAT scores, or look at the most recent, or the best, etc? I appreciate any advice.
  6. In Med Sci, if I was to take my appropriate third year courses, but when registering for fourth year courses, I can't get into all the required ones due to reasons such as: not opening enough courses, or enrolment filled up in that certain class, what would happen? Are we expected to not graduate, or are there certain profs that will allow us to enrol into their course so that we can graduate? I'd appreciate any useful insight, thanks.
  7. I'm going into year 3 of Med Sci at Western and I plan on doing an Hon. Spec. Does anyone have any suggestions for what courses to take/avoid? I heard anatomy got a bit tougher this year, and to avoid second semester path. Thanks in advance.
  8. Buying all berkely books, except the verbal one. London only. PM. EDIT: Already bought some.
  9. I'm writing on July 12 (for my first time), but I have a very strong science background, and would have just completed my second year, and have just finished Physiology, and both Orgos, so that should be of some help. At the moment, I have taken advice from some people about books (thank you to those reading this that have helped me). This is a rough idea of what I may buy: - Bio: EK - Chem: Berkely - Physics: Berkely - VR: EK (and maybe TPR HL) - Orgo: EK or Berkely - AAMC practice exams - TPR science workbook (the one with a lot of problems in it) - CBTs: not sure yet
  10. Opinions? Hahahaha, gave me a good laugh. Also, for every 100k viewers, these guys will donate an additional $100!
  11. Does anybody have any suggestions on what MCAT books/companies to use to prep myself for certain sections of the MCAT? Also, which company provides the best prep session? Thanks EDIT: For the 2014 MCAT Also, any suggested ''studying schedules'' or will whatever company I sign with set me up with one?
  12. Does anybody know how many SWOMEN applicants were accepted this year or where I could find the stats for the class of 2017? I couldn't find the stats on the Schulich site. Thanks
  13. I will be writing my MCAT in the summer of 2014 (I would have just finished second year). This will be the last summer to write this version of the MCAT. My question is, should I write early July, and wait until August to get my results, then register to write again in September if need be. This provides me 2 attempts, instead of the 1. The issue is, what if May - July (2-2.25 months) isn't enough to do well? Or, should I study from May - August, (3-3.25 months) and write near mid to end of August. This will only give me 1 attempt at this MCAT, but I think I would be more prepared
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