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  1. Looking for some switches for FM interviews UBC: Have 11th, looking for 25/26th Dal: Have 26th, looking for 14th or 16th
  2. I'm a third year starting to look into the AFMC portal and applying for electives. I'm interested in Emergency and primarily applying for Emerg electives across the country. Can anyone comment on how competitive it is to obtain electives? I've heard of people with strategies where they apply every 2 weeks at the first minute the it opens up, spending $$$ on the same elective because they're applying for different times. Is this a necessary way of securing electives, or do people wait for, say 4 or 6 weeks to pass, then apply for a broader range of times? Thanks for your input!
  3. I don't know any resources that you can go to, but if you're going to spend the summer reviewing science, I would suggest focusing on normal physiology and biochemistry. I find that in the curriculum, those are the subjects they assume you have background in and don't bother reviewing in depth. So if you have a good foundation in those, it will make studying pathophysiology and disease models easier when you're in MEDD 411.
  4. Just a chime in, I would suggest not buying a car with your LOC (it's still got interest!) until you know (if) you would benefit from it significantly. Wait a few months to evaluate. I find that first two years is not necessary, some people want it, so they got it. But I would definitely recommend waiting to work with the schedule for a bit of time before making such a big investment.
  5. I'm not in IMP, but I used to live in Victoria. Victoria's a small time so I would say it would be along the same line as VFMP, nice, but not necessary. It would be a lot cheaper to keep a car in Victoria, however. Insurance would be cheaper and less parking fees.
  6. I understand where you're coming from, there's pressure from peers and parents for sure. But in the end, choose what you want to do. If you want to keep pursuing medicine and think a 5th year is a good idea, then go for it and you can tell your parents that lots of other people do it (and they do). Or you can do a second "back up" degree. I went on to do a second degree when I didn't get in after fourth year, and I got into med the year after (so I didn't actually end up finishing my second degree). But I totally do not regret doing that year in school, because I chose a degree that is extreme
  7. Yeah, right now we're in the 6 weeks Flex period, which is basically a project of your own choosing. It doesn't have to be research, though most people go with research. There are options that they give you, or you can make your own connections and make your own project. Basically, our academic year is already finished, no more exams, just 6 weeks of part-time project work and going to the beach.
  8. From what I've heard from several residency program directors, what you've said is true. The school doesn't have a +1% or anything like that if you're from the same school. However, the fact that you've had networking opportunities with that school for 4+ years will show. Just choose your medical school based on where you want to live and which program you think you'd excel in (CBL based, spiral based, didactic learning based, etc.) Good luck!
  9. One large, furnished, west facing bedroom available in a bright and beautiful five bedroom home. Available for three weeks from May 28th to June 18th. $200/week, negotiable. If you have other colleagues that might need a place to stay, my housemates are also looking for sublets as well, so something could be worked out. Three quiet housemates (students) to share common spaces with, no pets. Free street parking, bike storage shed available. Free washer/dryer on site. Rent includes high speed wifi and utilities. Room is furnished with double bed, desk, dresser, and closet. - 15 mi
  10. Here's the interview video made by the class of 2019. Congrats on getting this far and good luck to all applicants! I hope it's good news on May 15th! https://youtu.be/fKmWeHFe06w
  11. We are indeed lurking! Thanks and we're glad that you enjoyed your time. Good luck!
  12. I would agree with hking03's answers to the questions! I'm a first year, so I can answer your last one. I've really enjoyed my time so far. The people are great - both my classmates and the professors. The new curriculum is headed in the right direction - they introduce concepts in spiral form and tell us clinical correlates and teach us the clinical diagnoses pieces really early on. I've gotten tons of comments from preceptors and physicians I've shadowed that our year is showing much more advanced knowledge than they expect for a first year. That being said, the curriculum is new and still b
  13. The site info session should be around half an hour, if I remember correctly. Go to it if you're not under time constraint, it's a really good way to see what the different sites are all about, and there will be first year students from each site there to sell their site! The interview video is also being shown right after it, and if I do say so myself, it's quite well done Though I might be biased since I was involved in its making. The campus tour is on foot, no shuttle. Usually the groups are very small, so it can be tailored oftentimes towards what you'd like to see. They're also led
  14. For question one - there's a lot of research opportunity for MD students. In fact, we have a mandatory FLEX course now, which you can fulfill by doing research. They allot a time block of 6 weeks in the spring for us to complete a project that furthers are knowledge in the medical field. Either through research, extra classwork, or other types of experiences. So we're really exposed to research should you choose to go that route.
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