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  1. Sorry I never did a rotation at PMH (I'm not sure if WB med students rotate there?). During clerkship I had some ambulatory surgical oncology clinics at Odette (eg. colon cancer, breast cancer, melanoma etc.) where you would see patients referred there before their surgery and for post-surgical follow up. Also as a CC3 I was able to scrub into the ORs for surgical oncology cases (eg. hemicolectomy for colon cancer, whipple for pancreatic cancer). I heard from my friends that they would see cancer patients at Sunnybrook during internal medicine too, eg. if they present to the ER and need to be
  2. 4th year PB student- also agree with above! For PB, Sunnybrook is also a big cancer center in Toronto (Odette Cancer Center) so you can also get exposure to oncology there. Also, all the St. George academies had a few spots in each of their clerkship streams for other non-academy clerkship sites (eg. CAMH for psych, UHN/Sinai for internal med, Sickkids for peds etc.)... so I was personally was only at Sunnybrook for 2 rotations in CC3 and able to do a lot of downtown sites.
  3. I posted about this previously here: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/94395-questions-for-a-2t0-about-the-new-curriculum/?p=1034332 We haven't gotten our 2nd year schedule for Foundations yet, but from what we've heard from faculty, it sounds like it should be similar. One thing to note is Anatomy continues into 2nd year unlike the old U of T curriculum. Also, see the U of T foundations website FAQ: http://foundations.md.utoronto.ca/student-faq#TwoYears Hope that helps!
  4. (I'm a 2T0) Most of my PB classmates have chosen to either live at home (if from toronto- to save money) or live near campus (ie. bay/college). Since you generally only have to be at the hospital 1 morning a week for clinical skills, it's easier to be downtown/closer to MSB. People will take the Sunnybrook shuttle from Women's College (near bay/college) to get there for their afternoon classes. If you're at North York, you take the TTC. If you're at Markham in 1st year, I think you're only there for clinical skills (ie. once a week) and all of your CBL/workshops/tutorials are at Sunnybrook.
  5. I posted about this in another topic a few months ago: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/93432-mams-schedule/?p=1026739 The only thing that's changed since that post is we have more mandatory small-group seminars on Thursday mornings or Friday afternoons lately for our cardio and respiratory units which have been at the hospitals (eg. intro to thoracic ultrasound, approach for reading chest x-rays, approach to pulmonary function tests). It's a little annoying that there's more mandatory class, but I actually find them very helpful. Feel free to PM me if you have more questio
  6. Anki flashcards + occlusion! It's a digital flashcard program with built in spaced repetition timing that's free. Make them as you read your slides/textbook and use cadaveric pictures from Rohan's or diagrams from Netter's or gray's anatomy. Aim to have all the cards made by at least 1 week before your bellringer and just keep going through them. It does take longer to make the cards, but I find it more useful than using someone else's Anki deck. read more about it here: http://drwillbe.blogspot.ca/2011/08/anki-guide-for-medical-students.html http://drwillbe.blogspot.ca/2011/09/if-i-
  7. yeah don't worry about it. I used a facebook photo too last year
  8. don't worry too much about it. I know plenty of students who also did a 2 year research based MSc (including myself), have 0 publications and are all in the current 2T0 class. Good luck!
  9. ^Yup I can confirm what was said above is all correct (i'm in the 1st year class at st george). There isn't really any difference in terms of schedule at MAM vs downtown, except the location. Typically, we have lectures monday morning (not mandatory) and some thursday mornings/friday afternoons. Sometimes the Thursday/Friday lectures are mandatory but not every week. That being said, I've noticed this term that most of the students at MAM will attend the non-mandatory lectures, while maybe 50% at St. george will attend. Tuesday mornings we have anatomy lab (mandatory) and Tuesday afternoon
  10. ^This. Just something to keep in mind, especially since most US schools don't offer any financial aid/scholarships for Canadians.
  11. As part of the graduate application, you have to provide an extra reference letter from your supervisor, which must state that you will have completed your graduate degree requirements by June 30. However, this year my friend and I were both accepted (we're both in the 2nd year of our masters) and they allowed us extensions until July 31 for thesis defence. However, we have to get SGS to send them a letter saying our graduate degree requirements are complete by August 5. My friend asked for an extension until August and was declined. So it seems the June 30 deadline is not absolute. But t
  12. This thread was really helpful for me in preparing for my meeting with a financial advisor at Scotia today!
  13. I would take out 6/7 b/c they get lots of applications each year... not sure if it'd be worth applying. Not sure if 13 (Michigan state) is actually Canadian friendly? I would also take out all california schools because they haven't taken any Canadians recently (according to what I've read on SDN). I have a friends who have gotten into VCU (31) so that's a good one too. Biggest piece of advice for US schools is to apply early! Submit both primary and secondaries ASAP to maximize your chances. Aim to be complete by end of July to finish everything before Canadian apps even start.
  14. Agreed, Wayne state is probably (arguably) the most Canadian friendly school in the US. I was accepted there this cycle. When I interviewed, they were very friendly to the fact that I'm Canadian (ie. it didn't work against me) and there were at least 5 other Canadians interviewing too. I also have heard they accept ~40 Canadians each year, if not more.
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