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  1. Hello, I am currently finishing my second year at UofT and specializing in Biotech. However, I decided to add Management major to my degree which will extend it to 5 years. I have a GPA of 3.05/4.0 in first year (including summer school). I am hoping to have a similar gpa this year as well ( i am taking summer school again). I would like to know which years will be considered when I apply since my degree is 5 yrs. Also, i know my GPA is not competitive and even if I get a 4 in every single course the years after, my cgpa will only go up to 3.5. If i do really really good on the DAT, will t
  2. Hello, I want to apply to the PA program at UofT and as you all know I need a min of 910 hours of experience. I am currently studying Biotechnology at UofT and was wondering what I can do to fulfill this requirement. Will volunteering at senior homes count ? I will appreciate all the help you can provide Thank you all
  3. Hi All, as you know PA program requires health care experience. As for me, I just finished my first year in life sciences at UTM. I will have biotechnology as my specialist next year. Regarding health care experience of the program, what should I do ? like will volunteering at hospitals count ? Also, can you apply to medical school after PA ? Thank you all
  4. Just finished first year of undergrad. I think I will end up with a GPA of 3.3ish or less. It was only 4 credits. I am losing hope. Slowly.
  5. Thank you very much ! I did good on high school physics Your post helped me a lot
  6. Hello, I am currently in my first year. I took physics in grade 11 and 12. I was wondering if first year physics is helpful for MCAT ? I don't want to risk my GPA. Any advice will be appreciated. I am thinking of taking physics as a summer course in UofT St. George (I'm at UTM).
  7. Thank you for you advice. Is Kaplan books enough or should I get other brands ?
  8. Hello, I am currently in first year Life Sci at UTM. I started with 5.0 credits, however, dropped Physics (136/137) because I was under a lot of stress and pressure at the beginning which led to my illness. For medical schools, Would they count my 4.0 credits a full load ? What if I am taking the one credit this summer ? Thank you very much
  9. Hello, I am currently in my first year and want to start studying for MCAT 2015. I was wondering what are the best books to use since all claim to be useful. I only took physics in high school and might take it this summer. So I will need a great book for physics. Also, any study tips and advice will be much appreciated Thank you very much !!
  10. Hello, I am currently a first year biology student at UTM. I want to apply to nuclear medicine joint program between UofT and Michener Institute. I was wondering if my two years at UTM (courses and GPA) will be counted with the 3 years nuclear medicine program when applying to dental schools. Will the nuclear medicine be accepted as an undergraduate degree at dental schools ? Thank you and if you know someone who took this path please let them contact me
  11. Hello, I am a grade 12 student that wants to be a dentist. Now the undergrad program im interested in is biomedical science in both york and waterloo and medical science in western. Since i need a high GPA for dental school, which of these programs in those unis will allow me to get a high GPA. I will work hard , just want to know which has more possibilty for me to get a high GPA. I volunteer at a dentist office, the dentist graduated from UofT dental school, he told me that most students that were in his class were from york and western. Please advice me Thank you all
  12. Hello, So the thing is I'm a highschool student who is interested in studying dentistry, I am volunteering at a dentist office and I have been hearing LOTS of opinions about which university I should take my undergrad in, the opinions say: 1. Pick an easy university like YORK to get a high GPA 2. Pick the university that has the dental school you want because they pick their students first then other universities and other opinions that did not seem right, So I am interested in studying dentistry at UofT, but I know that I need to determine my undergrad first An update, I have b
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