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  1. Just cancelled my OOP acceptance. I will be staying in BC to study Medicine at the UBC SMP. A good person is about to receive an offer from McGill, and I hope it makes their day.
  2. If anyone calls mdadmissions today, can they let us know in this thread whether we are to send a certified cheque or a bank draft? edit: nvm saw post above.
  3. i’m in the same boat. I opened up a TD account but i gather I can’t send money since I have a debit/visa TD card. considering sending a cheque tomorrow.
  4. Result: Accepted SMP! (first choice, since Kelowna is my hometown) Geography: IP and I filled out the rural application. Degree: BSN, BSc Early or Regular Deadline: Regular. Timestamp: 7:20am PST AGPA: ~95 EC's - varied. no research. MCAT: 517 (129CP 126CARS 131BB 131PS) Interview: no score (accepted my first cycle) tried not to ruminate about it. Prepped for about two weeks - my parents and sister hosted mock exams for me. I have also been accepted to McGill, so i’m Currently trying to decide which program I should pursue. I have loooooved my educatio
  5. TIME STAMP: Mar 21 @ 8:31 PM PST Result: ADMITTED MCAT: 517 (129/126/131/131) Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Felt poorly about one station. Honestly can’t remember how I felt about the others, and I really tried hard not to ruminate about them. Year: Finished first UG in 2016 and second UG in 2020 IP/OOP/International: OOP Comments: I can’t believe I have been accepted to McGill as an OOP applicant, but im here for it!
  6. I haven’t been closely following along here... Can someone explain to me: - which interview invite wave was today? second wave? third wave? - how many waves are we expecting? - when can we expect the next wave?
  7. Safe to say our assigned interview times are in Eastern time right? Asking because im an OOP applicant in PST zone.
  8. I was losing hope last year, when I was rejected for interviews for the 4th time. This year I was invited to interview, and all I can say is that the moment you decide to stop trying is the only moment at which all hope is lost. Good luck man.
  9. if OAS is crashing i’m guessing rejects are about to be sent out. way more rejects than invites so it prob puts more strain on their server.
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