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  1. Exactly. Honestly, I read through my own disability insurance policy last night and couldn't make heads or tails of it. Can I be absolutely sure that I would be covered in the event of an accident or illness? Nope. Those policies are incredibly confusing for even the well educated. Also, someone earlier took issue with my reference to insurers using 'loopholes' to get out of paying. Oh boy. I'm fairly certain the word loophole can be found somewhere in the definition of insurance. To expand on this, I had a meeting quite recently with insurance brokers who work with practicing physicians, a
  2. It's my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) that he had disability insurance. No one is expecting a bank to forgive an LOC otherwise. Banks make money on policy premiums, on average. They in turn assume some risk, which would seemingly apply in a case such as this.
  3. It was unfortunately related to his bipolar disorder, he said (you can imagine a manic phase + access to LOC would spell disaster).
  4. Whoa 50 would be great. Ya, 150 seems to be the going rate in Calgary for the CPR C w/first aid (varies from provider to provider, but only by a bit).
  5. Aaah yes, ok- in reading things again I can see that them saying certification 'must remain valid for two years' probably means 'do it, then get a recert after year one'. My bad. Thanks for helping to clear up my confusion!
  6. My two cents would be not to re-write this summer. You're probably okay (at least for SK) with that total and with none of your section scores being below the old 7. Remember, it's only worth 20%, and you're likely only realistically looking at an increase of a couple points (if anything) with a re-write in a month. Looking at this site can make a person feel like a 502 is shitty, but it's not that bad! Definitely competitive for uSask.
  7. I'm entering first year, and finding myself a bit frustrated after having taken the required CPR - HCP course through the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I only just realized after looking at my card that the cert. expires after only one year, instead of the two required by the schools. I suppose that I should have looked into it more thoroughly, but since it had the right title and the exact same description as the course provided by the Red Cross, I really had no reason to suspect that the certification period might be shorter. Anyways, just a heads up for anyone booking their courses over the
  8. If you're planning on applying next year, and looking to work a bit in between, I also couldn't recommend enough the idea of getting a job in a communications-heavy area. This could be anything from serving to working with youth or public engagement- the idea is just to get a lot of experience talking with people from diverse walks of life. I think this thread also speaks to how different the interview experience can be for different people, depending on their background and strengths going in- I didn't 'practise' at all per se. Communications is my jam, which I think I owe at least in part to
  9. Congrats Scorbix!! I know this was a long time coming for you. So exciting. Regina club as well?
  10. Congrats! Regina or Saskatoon, may I ask? Nice start to your weekend, I'm sure
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