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  1. Yah I freaked out for a bit early on!! (Like most people I know!) Turned out okay in the end interview wise. Some of the interviews ended up coming out in waves so got a few more and I got offered 1 more after the fact.
  2. I don't know how it's going to turn out, but I'm peacing out for a few days! This forum is usually a pretty cool, supportive place but this has crossed a serious line for me during a time in my life that is already pretty terrible! I'm all for constructive discussion, but this isn't it Bye for now y'all.
  3. I'm not going to continue this discussion, but I will say that this was not me. I had 10 interviews out of 14 programs.
  4. Please excuse my bluntness, but no, you're very wrong. Not to mention mean - seriously? "Are you a likeable person?" I had excellent evaluations, good reference letters, research, everything you mentioned. Were there people who were "better" than me who matched? Of course. Were there people who were worse, who also matched? You bet. People who I've worked with and who are definitely not likeable people, or struggled with basic things. People who I met on the tour who gave off seriously bad vibes. (Now, most people were lovely!) Can some of those people turn it on in an interview? O
  5. I was unmatched in the first round this year and matched to family in the second round. I find your post reassuring and scary scary at the same time. I'm glad you've found a way to be content despite not loving family medicine, but I also hope I like the job more than I think I will. Like you, I'm angry every time I think about it. I hate that I had to "settle" (don't get me wrong - I'm grateful) in the second round because I knew my chances of matching to the specialty I love next year were poor due to this ridiculous stigma about being unmatched. Yes, some people are unmatched fo
  6. I get that you don't like internal but let me know how slow you think the pace is when you've done your CTU/MTU rotation. Haha. Shadowing does not equal real life. Just wait till you have like 3 consults lined up in emerg (just for you, the senior is probably triaging about 10) and your getting paged for a chest pain and a GI bleed upstairs. Super chill. It's not for everyone. It definitely wasn't for me. But I wouldn't write off the procedural IM specialties based on two days of shadowing.
  7. There's usually an official announcement on their Facebook page!
  8. I feel obligated to point out that the voting is a marketing gimmick and has no bearing (as far as anyone can tell) on the actual colour. Sorry y'all.
  9. Personally I think the mobile layout is not good. very spaced out and have to scroll a ton.
  10. A few but it's quite rare to be honest. The graduate housing (which is where you'd be) is on the opposite side of main campus making it quite the walk. You can find options for the same price that are much nicer within the same walking distance.
  11. Lived in patrician village for 3 years. Apartment was okay once I fixed it up a bit but management is just sooooo far beyond incompetent, terrible and dishonest. Avoid boardwalk if you can! If you can't, it will be okay, you just have to be prepared to advocate very strongly for yourself.
  12. It is position dependent, unless you're OOP and the quota has already been reached. Often, it's not even reached at all. It's not the same as two waitlists because, for example, if an OOP declined and the next on the list was IP, they would get the spot despite it being an OOP offer. And vice versa, until the quota is reached. I don't know this for sure, but that's always been my understanding and I think I got it from somewhere although I can't find where at the moment.
  13. Hmm, I don't think this implies it's two separate lists. If I remember that quote correctly, this was after the OOP quota was filled. So, they made another offer to an OOP who was at the top of the list instead of skipping over them till they get to an IP. I believe there is another post or podcast stating that it is one list. They maintain the quota simply by skipping over OOP once they're reached 15 %
  14. Not unless you were in school all 52 weeks of the year.
  15. No of course not. In his home country. He was starting a clinical assist job though which was a bit scary, since they operate sort of like residents.
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