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  1. Apologizing and recognizing you misunderstood is a way better approach than pretending nothing happened. Shows integrity imho. Sounds like you have nothing to worry about in regards to how you handled this question!
  2. Will be interesting to see if business casual attire returns to medicine in the post-COVID era or if scrubs become the standard...
  3. When I did this, uOttawa med was really not picky about it at all. I accepted offer for grad, got offer to med, rescinded grad offer, accepted med offer within the deadline (in that order). Someone on the waitlist for my grad program ended up getting in so worked out on all sides. Grad supervisor was incredibly understanding and wished me all the best (he already knew that I would potentially be in this position). I confirmed ahead of time with uOttawa med admissions that this was acceptable. Never a bad idea to double check with them by email just in case!
  4. Yep! Also I had to remind them to test my bilingualism haha
  5. Ohhhhh “both as spoken” I see it now. When I applied I believe there was a check box for bilingualism, but they might also check your spoken languages to make that determination. Brush up on your French and be prepared to answer a question in FR!
  6. Am I misreading your post? Bilingual refers to speaking English and French but you only mention English.
  7. Definitely list it on your application, I had casual work on mine! I doubt they give a shit about the legal classification “part time” vs “casual” but rather what you did, how it helped you/informed you, and your commitment (number of hours and over what period of time).
  8. It would be inappropriate NOT to include something like this haha. Great accomplishment!
  9. Hey! 13 of the group members are on the student society and not current applicants And some who have joined might have already rejected their offer for another ON school, or could still reject later in favour of an OOP offer (UBC, McGill etc)
  10. Honestly it is a great school in terms of the atmosphere amongst classmates. Everyone is pretty chill and having a life outside medical school pretty much just happens naturally but it is a lot of fun. You get to know so many people during frosh and throughout the year. The program feels solid, good mix of didactic lectures, case based learning (small groups of 8 students usually with a physician leader), anatomy/radiology/histology on Thursdays in first year, physician skills development which gets us into the hospital seeing patients right from the 1st/2nd week. Quite a few student
  11. I did this last year. Found the med students very helpful and informative. Worth the donation to charity.
  12. Contact admissions if you're worried. For what it's worth, I graduated from uOttawa with 138 credits (18 extra above the 120).
  13. I did extra course credits above and beyond my degree so that my last year was full time. I don't think they care to be honest, but never hurts to email and confirm.
  14. You could lie in many points along the process, cheating to get a better GPA, embellishing during your interview, etc. With experience, the interviewers are probably pretty good at detecting certain undesirable personality traits in candidates and sniffing out bullshit, but they are far from perfect. A relevant and interesting book about the corporate leadership world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snakes_in_Suits
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