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  1. As someone who interviewed there, I think you have to highlight experiences from your ABS to have a good interview but I do not think they assess it or use it like Ottawa, for example.
  2. I have one or two in mind we might be agreeing upon...
  3. UGH i've written worse caspers - this one was kind of fun don't think i'm in bottom 10% BUT STILL UGH FOR SOME OF THOSE QUESTIONS
  4. 1) Don't worry too much about your first year GPA. It's not bad, despite the problems you had in second semester. Aim for 3.8+ going forward and take a full course load. Some schools have different definitions of what constitutes a full course load while other are strict on the 5 courses/semester requirement. Further, some schools only want a full course load in the years they are using for your GPA calculation. It depends on where you apply. For U of T, they don't drop courses in the GPA calculation unless you've taken a full course load. However, you will have the opportunity to write an Aca
  5. Yeah, already cracking away at applications for 2017-2018 but it would be nice to get symbolic closure Best of luck!
  6. Was there a class full email yet? My waitlist email in May went into junk so just wondering if I've missed the email/been missed
  7. Hm, what about putting a language I've been learning since high school (spanish)? Took a few intro courses in high school, went abroad to try and refine it, and I've taken a few casual lessons/chat with fluent friends outside of school. My reading comprehension is actually quite good, although I'm too shy to speak it properly...would this be a valid entry for "other"? Would it be too much if I also added my mother tongue (self taught alphabets, too) under "other"? Edit: Also, I did get the bilingual certificate in high school. Should I put my high school education and bilingual certificat
  8. Chances of psych being 128 and CARS/BIO staying at 129? Don't have time to rewrite this summer (and it could very well be a silly decision)...Guess we'll see
  9. Hi friends, I was thinking about what to include on my Dal supplemental and I'm worried about the volunteer section. I've filled up the other three sections, but I only have 3-4 (not medically related) commitments for volunteering and they're all <100 hours each. Even my hospital volunteering is excluded with the 5 year rule. Other longitudinal volunteer commitments I had from my childhood until first/second year university are also ineligible. I had accumulated hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours at that point. My focus over the past 5 years has instead been on work (1000s upo
  10. I spoke to Dal admissions in person and they told me GPA, Casper, MCAT, and Maritime essay are assessed for pre-interview for OOP. It seemed like they were emphasizing the 250 word essay component to me, and past invites on this forum seem to corroborate its importance. The supplemental/essay is applied post-interview. Not sure about GPA, MCAT, and Casper post-interview (probably not?).
  11. what is the likelihood of CARS and BIO increasing next year for Western? that's my worry with my MCAT seeing as I just met this year's cutoffs (513/90th). i'm also only competitive for best year schools, but a second undergrad is something I can't afford at the moment and don't see much purpose in doing...
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