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  1. Do any banks transfer your student loc to a personal loc after graduation or do they all have to be paid off as a loan?
  2. Been riding to work for a month now. Time to do an oil change and flush the coolant. And learn how to do it At least my BF has all the tools!
  3. Con: they learn to force study breaks by walking on your keyboard or playing with your pen Or maybe a pro...
  4. Honestly, I doubt that anything will be processed @ osap until at least June so I'd wait. It shouldn't be that long until your number comes through.
  5. My BEd was considered a professional degree and not considered in my GPA.
  6. This is a major tend in education. I bet there will still be a minimum commitment (aka time in a contract) and that the turnover in July won't change and that skill development goals will be more personal. It would mean your not assessed 14 times for something you already do well and can work to develop your weaknesses over time instead of just following a set program. It would also mean that those who need more time to develop skills can be held back. It's probably a really good change if it's implemented well. I'm more worried about pulling some of the educators into this century, it won't w
  7. One for sale in guelph, but older edition.
  8. Medmom, what program do you use for your concept maps? Does anyone have suggestions other than the ms dock? I'm not sure I need a $250 tablet stand if I can find something else (similar to the sp4 dock but <$?)
  9. For real #s, I find the big monthly variables for me are food-groceries (for 2) vs coffee/restaurants auto-gas, repairs & insurance (I pay 2x a yr) clothes/personal-if I find a deal I stock up so its not consistent I find that I average $500 per month when I'm working, (about $200 is gas so $300). I use my credit card bill to track my spending as normal or oops each month & look at where I spent it. I have a no fee president's choice master card that gives me points in food $$. The annual stuff always messes me up, 2 professional membership fees, xmas gifts, holiday trips, and
  10. Was that a bank advisor or a financial aid advisor?
  11. They ask for your balances as of the beginning of the 16 week pre-study period, about May 18 this year. I wish I'd looked into it earlier, I could have made an RRSP contribution.
  12. Is there a good site anywhere that actually explains how osap works? I'm trying to juggle full time work, savings/rrsp/tfsa... Does anyone know how often they audit or ask for receipts? How do I deal with a free room in a relative's house?
  13. You may not qualify for financial aid as an unclassified student.
  14. Depends on your parents/home. Will they leave you alone or want you to be home for dinner and "follow their rules"? If I could have my own office and space to relax at home I would be all over that but if I had to share most of the space with my family - heck no, they're too nosy and won't ever leave me alone. It might actually be nicer to find a house with classmates where you have plenty of space to yourself and can go home when you need the extra support (on your terms).
  15. You might not qualify for osap or whatever your province calls their loan programme if you're not working toward a degree...
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