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  1. Hi folks, I'm in medical school and considering getting a dog. I'm just wondering if any residents with dogs would be willing to comment on how they manage having a dog around their schedule.
  2. I'm so bored of things that are coded masculine being considered gender neutral, but things coded feminine can only ever be feminine. It's okay to have a blue backpack but heaven forbid we impugn anyone's precious, fragile sense of masculinity with a pink one.
  3. I remember this last year (except it was the 13th). I had to work all day until 6 and don't have internet access at work and then went to a carnival with some friends. Checked my email next to the Ferris wheel with one of my best friends and found out I got into Western. Spent the rest of the carnival kind of in a daze. Good luck to everyone!
  4. The first step would be to look at the GPA admissions criteria for the schools - some have policies where some years or courses can be dropped eg. Western requires you to have two years with a GPA >3.7, and doesn't care about your grades beyond that point. Do some research and see if you're eligible for any of these types of policies.
  5. Yes, this happened to me. I had only one year that met their requirements and I received an interview and then an acceptance conditional on meeting the requirements (3.7, full courseload, 3/5 courses at 3rd year level or above).
  6. Depending on how well you do on VR and how well you think you'd do on CASPER, I'd apply to McMaster. My overall OMSAS GPA was 3.60 and I was waitlisted at McMaster this year. I don't know if I would have got off the waitlist, because I was accepted elsewhere and removed myself, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  7. So I went and joined the OMA, but when I went to the CMA website, I need an ID to register with them. Does anyone know where I would find it, or how I get one?
  8. I did a 5th year. I had to do one because I transferred to a different school after second year and not all of the courses I had lined up the same way as theirs did. I was already a bit older than other people in my classes because I took a gap year after high school. I'm really happy that I had to take an extra year, in retrospect. It meant that I had already filled almost all my program requirements by the time I had to write my thesis, so I could fill my schedule with courses that would work around my lab schedule, rather than try to fit my bench research around my classes. It also mean
  9. When you log in to OMSAS, there's an option to verify receipt of application fees, transcripts, etc. I clicked on that and saw that my transcripts received from my undergrad school was listed as 2 instead of 1, so they got both the one I sent when I applied in the fall and the one I sent with my final grades. Hope that helps!
  10. This is definitely doable. I studied for the MCAT while working full-time and got a 38Q (12 PS 13 BS 13 VR). I started studying mid-June and wrote the first week of August. It had been a couple of years since I took the prereq's, but they came back pretty quickly. It was a lot of work, but I didn't really have the option to not work over the summer, and I found working provided a nice break from having to study (worked outside).
  11. Does anyone know how long it takes OMSAS to be updated with your final transcripts? I sent mine a week ago, and it is still showing that only one document was received from my school, which I assume was my transcript that I sent when I applied at the beginning of the cycle. I know I probably shouldn't worry yet - I have until June 30 to submit it, but after a year of frantically chasing deadlines/jumping through hoops, it's become a habit.
  12. Thank you! I'll give them a call tomorrow.
  13. Medical. The process says to write a letter to the admissions committee, but I'm not all that comfortable with disclosing my personal medical information to admissions. Would a doctors note type thing suffice, do you think?
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