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  1. I went to the Queen's OT info session last month and the woman who was in charge of admissions gave the presentation. She said they really take the cGPA into account because studies show that this is the biggest predictor of success for grad/professional school, not sGPA.
  2. I can actually help you out with that! Statut refers to where you are from... So not something we can change! They generally aim for 70% Ontarians, 12% CNFS (???) and 18% "other"... "Les pourcentages d’admissions ont été déterminés selon le statut des candidats : 70 p. cent de candidats ontariens, 12 p. cent de candidats CNFS et 18 p. cent de candidats autres. Les comités d’admission déterminent donc le classement des dossiers des candidats selon leur statut et regroupent les dossiers selon le corridor d’admission."
  3. Yeah, I actually didn't figure that out 'til recently. I found it in the ORPAS booklet: http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/orpas/b_orpas_e.pdf On page 37: "Le calcul de votre moyenne sera réalisé par ORPAS à partir des 10 pleins cours de premier cycle les plus récents, soit l’équivalent de 20 cours ORPAS et comprendra les notes finales de la session d’automne de l’année en cours. Pour les détails du calcul de la moyenne ORPAS, veuillez consulter la section « Formation postsecondaire » du livret de directives ORPAS. Les dossiers des candidats sont classés en fonction de leur moyenne scolaire." Which i
  4. Hello all, I know that uOttawa calculates your GPA using your last credits, but what happens if the prerequisite courses were taken in Y1 or Y2? Are they still counted in the sGPA just because they are prerequisites or are they simply marked as complete no matter what grade you got? I ask because I didn't do too well in anatomy, but it was taken in Y2 so I'm hoping it wouldn't be a big deal... Thanks! (Edit: The title's capital letters messed up on its own...)
  5. I'm currently in Grade 12, about to apply for university. I'm planning to go into Kinesiology, and my long-term goal is to eventually become an OT. *I was curious as to what everybody got their undergraduate degrees in.* Also, if you studied Kinesiology, which university did you attend? Right now, I'm looking into Mac and Queens (I live in Kingston, though my parents will be in Ottawa next year). Thoughts are appreciated
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