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  1. https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/dental-student-considering-the-switch-to-medical-school.1427559/#post-22301393
  2. PharmD (like MD, DMD, etc) is an undergraduate programs. It's treated like any other undergraduate degree.
  3. Medicine is harder to get into for a reason. You will more often see people take medicine over dentistry than the other way around. And if they choose dentistry, there probably is a good reason (e.g. family business)
  4. If money is not an issue, you can apply broadly (US, Australia, UK, etc) and get in most programs within 5 years of applying consistently. Exceptions may apply where they have requirements that need you to excel (e.g. cbse for omfs) but otherwise, even ortho (e.g. Georgia ortho school) should be viable with low gpa and minimal ECs as long as you keep working as a gp and do some externships here and there as needed.
  5. Comparing clinician vs clinician and clinic owner vs clinic owner, dentists don't come close to physicians. If dentists have to compare dental clinic owners to physicians practicing medicine (i.e. not owning a business and just doing their thang), then dentists should be aware they're comparing apples to oranges. Dental clinic owners can have a high ceiling because the whole profession is practically centered around selling services. If you are good at marketing and selling, you can do well.
  6. No worries, majority will find a job when they graduate. May not be a location they want or wage they like but in a saturated market, it's hard to leverage as a new grad.
  7. To be fair, we should wait until their decision is made and go from there.
  8. Have you completed all your pre reqs? With a 4.24 and 27 AA/21 PAT and your ECs, I would hesitate to think it's anything related to your AQ or NAQ.
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