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  1. It's hard, but I think CANMEDS is quite explicit about this: Demonstrate a commitment to the profession by adhering to standards and participating in physician-led regulation 3.1 Fulfill and adhere to the professional and ethical codes, standards of practice, and laws governing practice 3.2 Recognize and respond to unprofessional and unethical behaviours in physicians and other colleagues in the health care professions 3.3 Participate in peer assessment and standard-setting http://www.royalcollege.ca/portal/page/portal/rc/common/documents/canmeds/framework/canmeds2015_frame
  2. TIMESTAMP: 8:18 AM Accepted, Hamilton Campus GPA: 3.83 VR: 11 Interview: I felt really good about a few stations, really seconded guessed myself about a couple others. Thank you to everyone on these forums and who joined the study/prep groups I participated in. I really feel it made a big difference in getting me ready for both applications and interviews. I hope to see some of you in the fall at McMaster, and many, many more of you down the road during CaRMS and in the field of health care.
  3. OK here's my story for tomorrow. The school band I direct is performing in a competition, so I am giving my phone to the other chaperone teacher with strict instructions not to let me have it until after we perform. I don't think I can make it through the full day, but at least this way I won't let it get in the way of the kids having the best experience possible. So I won't be checking in until later in the day. I just wanted to wish everyone the best for tomorrow. P
  4. Better question: Is anyone NOT constantly replaying the interview(s) in your head?
  5. I found the best solution. Get a vasectomy. It is very hard to obsess about admissions while icing your junk [or so I thought. Turns out my urologist is a Mac grad, so I chewed his ear off through the whole procedure]
  6. If you don't feel you need to keep up with the Joneses you can live modestly and cover the USMD debt if you can just afford to get through the program. Especially with a lower paying specialty like family practice, you will end up doing it because you love the work because it will take a long time before you feel you get over the hump financially. But you will still have more disposable income than you would have in most careers. You should also keep in mind that big debt will have some limiting factor on your options for how you want to practice. You will not have the money to set up y
  7. One interview here too. Not my first cycle either. Yes, the waiting is getting brutal now that it's so close.
  8. Yes, I'm going to watch the fight. Haven't decided where yet. You living in London?
  9. I agree that you should first try to find successful mechanisms for managing your mental health. If you can get some control and find habits and/or medication that really works for you there is plenty of time to pursue medicine. I am 39 and if I get admitted this year will be 40 before my first day of classes. There will be stress and hardship, but I have found ways to manage my mental health and hopefully you can too. Take care of yourself first. Then you can achieve what your intellectual and ethical potential provide for. Keep well, P
  10. Got my survey today and completed it. Good luck everyone with the results (and surviving the next 5 weeks of anguish)
  11. Well, I procrastinated at various points along the application process from MCAT prep to OMSAS forms to..... But I'm proud to report that I've wasted no time whatsoever compiling a mental list of things to beat myself up over saying/not saying if I'm not accepted. 6.5 weeks.......tic.......toc.......tic.....toc
  12. I can say with a fair bit of certainty that they check the reference letters for red flags BEFORE interview invites go out. I say this because I was contacted by admissions about a letter that they didn't receive from OMSAS (even though OMSAS had received it on time), and received my interview invite the very next day once they got the letter from OMSAS. I agree that they most likely only use them to check for red flags based on the information on their websites. Bottom line is make sure they are in order and positive, but don't over sweat it. (once more, big thanks to admissions sta
  13. It's easy to get caught up in anger and debate over what people perceive was wrong about this situation. Better to focus on an improved situation going forward. I think the two statements on the application information are in fact contradictory in that it shouldn't say 'required' and then in the very next sentence say failing to meet the requirement will merely 'jeopardize'. Hopefully they will change the wording from 'required' to 'necessary in most cases for an application to be considered competitive' or something along those lines. Any other suggestions for improved wording that get
  14. Ya, I don't get bitterness. I'm very curious about why I was cut in the first round, and I looked into it to make sure there wasn't a clerical error because of a situation with my file through OMSAS, but at no point have I felt hostility towards other applicants or the admissions team. All the admin at OMSAS and U of T have been helpful. I'm not going to lie, I am envious of all those who received invites, but anger and vitriol simply don't help you feel better about disappointment.
  15. They didn't look into it, but confirmed that they did receive all my documents and OMSAS confirmed that they were stamped with the correct date. Thanks for checking in.
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