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  1. You certainly can. My school had an anatomy course but I still mostly learned it myself through Netter's and online apps.
  2. 100% agree. "Reading the room" is an important skill set in the clerkship/residency hidden curriculum, and there have been instances where I didn't "click" with a preceptor initially, but was able to mesh well with them by the end of the rotation by identifying their preferences and expectations of medical students and adjusting accordingly. Preceptors notice when you take their feedback positively and apply it and respond well in turn in my experience. Of course if they are belittling you, treating you differently than other students, etc. then that's completely different and should be escala
  3. I went to U of T for undergrad and heard all the same things. To my knowledge, I was never "curved down" in any course. I felt that all of the courses I took were fair in terms of grading and it was definitely possible to get a high GPA by working hard. But I don't know how it compares to other universities.
  4. You certainly do not need to do research at a particular institution to match there for residency. Some students do research outside of their home school and this can help, but most don't. By the time you reach clerkship, cross-country electives will surely resume so you can use these to show interest at particular centres.
  5. 30 credits (five full course equivalents) from Sept-April is required for wGPA eligibility in my understanding
  6. Is there a way to continue some of those ECs remotely? I'd imagine even if you continue to be there on the East coast in person, you'd still not be able to participate in most non-remote ECs anyway.
  7. For the current cycle, the last date for OMSAS to receive MCAT scores was Nov 1, 2019. So you could even write it in October (and would be applying prior to knowing your score).
  8. With my travel plans all cancelled, I'll have a lot of free time over the next couple of months before starting residency and I've been considering the possibility of studying for the USMLE Step 1 exam to write it some time in PGY-1. Is there anyone that has written this exam in PGY-1/residency in general? Is this something that is feasible? Any other graduating students considering this?
  9. You don't need any research to match to FM and I'm honestly not convinced that it helps much either. Maybe just do a small project/poster so the Research section of your application isn't empty if you want, otherwise don't bother.
  10. If you want more specific advice, more information would be of benefit. What year of undergrad are you in? What is your year-by-year GPA and courseload breakdown? What was your MCAT score? In what provinces are you considered IP?
  11. I would use the P/F system to your advantage as much as possible to attain the highest GPA in your situation. I had a similar situation in undergrad where a TA strike at U of T allowed us to P/F any courses but I chose not to invoke this out of fear that it would disqualify me from 1-2 schools. In hindsight, I could have used it on my harder courses and achieved a much higher GPA that year.
  12. To add on to the above posters, I was actually quite surprised how rarely research came up in the CaRMS interviews. Whereas previous life/clinical experiences were very high yield.
  13. You'll improve exponentially as you progress, even if you don't notice it right away. Keep working hard and asking for feedback, you'll do great. Also, although knowledge is one component of making a good impression on elective, don't discount comments you get regarding being hard work, diligence, and working well with others. Often it's those things that are much more important. It sounds like you're doing great.
  14. Hey, I remember you from the Queen's waitlist thread last year! So glad to see things have worked out this well for you!! I hope you get the news you are looking for in May this time around (and perhaps see you at Queen's )!
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