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  1. That is interesting because student affairs introduced us to the possibility of non-credit summer electives in their most recent talk with us (early Dec, prior to omnicron worsening). I emailed them for clarity about whether or not we can do these given the incoming OOP elective cancelling, but have yet to get a response. Based on your reply, I'm guessing it'll be a "no".
  2. Does anyone know of a resource similar to Calgary black book in terms of going by approaches, but also explores each diagnosis and talks about which presentations are epidemiologically most common?
  3. I wish this came sooner! I am an incoming clinical clerk without a car and can't sleep without nightmares of being placed in Delta/Surrey. Meanwhile, a handful of classmates would totally prefer those hospitals, but get placed in metro Vancouver. I guess Lions Gate is still on the table though
  4. My interpretation of this number is that the student list was given in Feb 2021, and by that time a certain person was removed from your class earlier in the year. Its not a waitlist issue at all and the accounting was proper.
  5. If its of any reassurance, my GPA dropped by 4.6% the year I got in. I spent the entire summer anticipating to get rescinded and thinking they would round up to 5%. Never happened! Seems like they don't actively hunt us down. Enjoy your summers as much as you can for now
  6. Not the original posters (I am exam free and they aren't yet) but here is a response I wrote in another thread. I'll see myself out of this AMA now
  7. What have the social events this year been like? Not asking in any snarky way- curious about what your class has been doing.
  8. Yup. My stats are also quite average for UBC. On the other hand, I thought my UofT interview was my best and got a flat out rejection
  9. Felt like garbage after I did mine. In one station, the interviewer asked me a question and my brain had a complete fart about what one term meant so I asked him to repeat the question 3 times, then on the third time the bell rang and I just sat there in regret. In another, I got super intimidated by the interviewer for some reason and they were quite stone faced so I gave pretty bad and like one sentence responses to a complicated question. Then we just sat there after he had nothing more to ask. Finally, in another station, I spent all 8 minutes on the main question and literally conclu
  10. Just a heads up that if you do not have the rural application portion completed, you won't be considered for NMP (source: Interview Information Package site instructions).
  11. I know a handful of people who have entered other professional programs while applying to med (some who are applying this cycle and some who were successful in entering med and left their previous program). Honestly, I think it is a smart move (depending on the program and your risk tolerance). From my understanding, grading standards are unique to the program you want. For example, if you went into law, some law schools keep a 75% average and you would have a hard time breaking into the 80s. This has the potential to kill your average. It would be good to hear opinions from others within your
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