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  1. Just a heads up that if you do not have the rural application portion completed, you won't be considered for NMP (source: Interview Information Package site instructions).
  2. I know a handful of people who have entered other professional programs while applying to med (some who are applying this cycle and some who were successful in entering med and left their previous program). Honestly, I think it is a smart move (depending on the program and your risk tolerance). From my understanding, grading standards are unique to the program you want. For example, if you went into law, some law schools keep a 75% average and you would have a hard time breaking into the 80s. This has the potential to kill your average. It would be good to hear opinions from others within your
  3. I verified for an OOP (Ontario) volunteer who worked under me 4 years ago this Friday morning. They're still working through applications.
  4. I think Western is the only school that won't take you. I know at least three people who have left professional programs (law, dent, pharm) partway to enter medicine, including myself. Depending on the school, they might look at your grades post acceptance and can potentially revoke your offer if they are too low.
  5. Did this for multiple organizations (~3?). Didn't seem to come across as a problem.
  6. I laughed reading this, realizing that I do everything listed too and that we sound so jaded to first years. Let the 2024s have their fun for the first few months haha. Would your classmate happen to have the initials E.Z? That's one person I know who does well while going to no lectures, cramming 4 days prior to exams and watching at double speed
  7. FLEX experiences and most research/summer travel plans got screwed.
  8. Funny enough, I came across your acceptance while scrolling through instagram. Congrats! I remember trying to start up practice groups with you last cycle around winter. Glad everything worked out. Sometimes the magic finally happens when you call your last shot
  9. I can't comment on UBC vs Queens since I never studied there (though I was there for an interview), but I'm from Toronto and attend UBC. Feel free to DM.
  10. Thanks for the response! What would you say overlaps with EM? Radiology or internal?
  11. I was once in law school (didn't complete the degree) and am now in med school. I don't know if I'd be able to give you the full advice you seek since I didn't finish the degree and learned common law rather than civil, but feel free to message me.
  12. I was wondering if you could touch a bit about the exposure to trauma as a +1. I shadowed at a community ED not long ago and really enjoyed the pacing and atmosphere, but I find myself hesitant to do EM since I get quite queasy with severe traumas. Hopefully I'll get better with exposure, but assuming I don't would this be enough for me to rule out considering EM or the +1?
  13. I took a brief look for you all; last year, we got 3 emails prior to the decision date (mostly reminders). Make the best you can of the wait!
  14. Paraphrasing the acceptance email we got last year, your acceptance to the site offered is binding, but you may be placed on a waitlist for another site if the one you were offered is not your first choice (after accepting).
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