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  1. There is plenty of opportunity in the US. I applied with cbse 66 and top somewhere ~20/120 and an intern year. 11 interviews. Doing an intern year in the US shows you are willing to move and people know people in the US more than they know people in Canada generally. Calls get made, letters mean more from big names etc. A strong cbse and strong intern year can overcome piss poor dental school class ranks that most people on these websites would consider hopeless. When I externed at a canadian program, all the orthognathic was model surgery, and all the notes were hand written
  2. I just graduated from a US dental school Currently OOS grads are paying ~5k per month for 10 years, but will refinance once they are making more money. IS grads are at ~3 - 3.5 k for 10 years. People accept it, no one really worries about it. An important difference between Canadian and US grads is that Canadian grads working in Canadian can incorporate and pay off loans with a 15% corporate tax rate on the money they earn rather than pay ~47% income tax rate. I'm not sure exactly how this plays out for US grads but I have been told the deal is not as good for US grads incorporating
  3. You might want to double check, I think those schools you listed don't accept unless you're a US citizen. Ive heard UT Memphis is hands on. I am going there in January. If you go ask to go during a trauma week cause they rotate call. A buddy of mine went to Mayo and it sounds like it was somewhat hands on. If you think you're really into trauma try Cook county. If you actually got top 1 percentile for the NBME there is not point re taking. Tell us the number and il tell you if you should retake.
  4. Yes this is an issue, and I always advocate going to the cheapest school. It is a luxury to be able to go to the US for school not everyone can do it. People are either from well off families, or have very supportive middle class families who will cosign loans, or are older and have money saved up.
  5. You generally get way more clinical experience and opportunity to do things at American dental schools and will probably graduate as a more experienced clinician. I also think you get a better chance at specializing if you go to a US school. A guy from uoft externed at my schools OS department and said hes only done like 15 extractions and hes in 4th year which sounds weak. And I would say you will get in first time applying to the US if you apply to 10+ schools and can interview ok.
  6. That was a joke, I have no idea what your situation is. The point is that things are likely going to change for the worse in terms of corporate tax for dentists and physicians. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/09/17/ndp-small-business-tax-integrity_n_8152534.html
  7. You might need a new accountant. But what rmorelan said. For years my dad paid me dividends and I paid him back. Whether right or wrong, many are using this to legally reduce taxes paid and the election results could effect CCPCs.
  8. http://www.macleans.ca/economy/economicanalysis/why-small-business-taxation-does-need-fixing/ With the yearly talk about how much do dentists make, why is no one talking about this. This is singificant for dentists and physicians.
  9. I think you would pay for every residency, but you would get paid for GPR, AEGD and OS residency/internship. And in medical residency you pay tuition which is small, but then you get paid your ~50k a year so you do both i guess.
  10. Il defintely agree with you there, their smugness and overall attitude to this whole thing is dissapointing.
  11. To me it depends on context. Ken Jeong did it in comedic movies so I personally don't mind. If he did it in the workplace its different. Do people complain that Ken Jeong degrades a profession?
  12. http://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/what-are-they-going-to-dokick-every-guy-out-of-fourth-year/Content?oid=4488208 Its up to opinion, but I don't think they are serious about raping anyone. I don't think they seriously want women to just be cooking and cleaning. I think it is frustrating that the SJW crowd immeadiately jumps to calling them rapists. Obviously they fucked up and should be punished and reeducated on proper professional conduct. I don't mean this as an argument, but for something to think about. After all the shit Ken Jeong has done would you still go to him for medical care
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