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  1. I will turn 25 later this year. I just graduated from nursing school and will be working as a full-time registered nurse next month in an oncology unit. Based on talking to others and seeking advice, it’s clear that I need a second undergraduate degree. If I do decide to go back to school in September and finish two years of full courses, I would be 27 or 28. Essentially I’ll be closer to 30 when I start applying for medicine. This means that I would be 40 after completing residency. This makes me nervous. I have a few family members who are practicing physicians and discouraged me
  2. Rahvin13, you actually responded to my previous post with helpful advice. You suggested getting a second undergraduate degree which was my plan anyways. I'm just concerned about going to school and working full-time. If I put this plan on hold, is there any problem for a student applying for medicine in their early 30s? Would that be too old? P.S. I forgot to add that I do not have any lifelong commitments. I do not plan to have children ever so at least that won't be an obstacle.
  3. Hi all, I hope I could have some advice. I graduated as a nursing student from a university here in Ontario and I have decided that I have to pursue a second undergraduate degree if I want to go into medicine. It's like I have hit the "reset" button. Due to life circumstances, some of the years in my nursing degree were part-time and I also have a low cGPA. (Please do not suggest becoming a nurse practitioner - that's not the route I want to choose). I'm 24 if that helps. I just got a job as a RN so I plan to work until I get into medicine but is it possible to attend school AND work ful
  4. Thank you so much. I’ll go back to get a second degree probably this year or next September.
  5. Hi Rahvin, thanks so much. I plan to take MCAT sometime this year or next year. I have a couple of questions: 1) Are 2 years in undergraduate education sufficient or do I need to take full 4 years of school? 2) Does working as a RN count as a EC? Thanks.
  6. Year 1: 3/5 courses. cGPA: 3.64 Part time due to illness. Year 2: 3/5 courses. cGPA: 3.73. That's when the battle started. Year 3: 4/5 courses. cGPA: 3.55. The lowest marks. Year 4: 4/5 courses. cGPA: 3.82 The highest marks. Year 5 and 6 = years off due to human rights battle. Year 7: 5/5 = c3.72. All electives. In all the first four years, I took one 1 Pass/Fail course in each semester so I don't know if that will make a huge impact or not. I should note that I did not do engage in any extracurricular activities or research activities. Thanks so much.
  7. Hi all, this is a long post and I would appreciate any advice. So I have completed nursing school here in Ontario. It has taken me nearly 7 years due to circumstances that were beyond my control. Long story short, the university cancelled one of the courses that I was supposed to start for no reason so I started a human rights battle with them. I won. It was pure hell and several lawyer even remarked that the situation was “unprecentended”. But time was lost and my status was shifted to part-time from full-time from the second year and onwards. That’s when I decided that it would be a goo
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