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  1. Weird... I got the first update email but not the second. Anyone else not get this second waitlist update?
  2. This just in... our esteemed colleague, HappyAndHopeful, decided today to accept her offer to UofO and thus has freed up a highly coveted waitlist spot! Random thought: this is kind of like Survivor... except we're all trying to get ON to the island. Anyway, congratulations to HappyAndHopeful, whose happiness and hope (as well as, I imagine, intelligence, hard work, and amiable personality) gave her the luxury of choosing between two offers (can't even imagine how sweet that must be). Have a good long weekend everyone. Try and get out and enjoy life's simple pleasures. That's
  3. Congratulations on your BScN and welcome to waitlist land!
  4. The stress of this definitely makes me want to take a midnight train going anywhere...
  5. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for you all. Many of you have reached out to me over the past application cycle but over the past week in particular. I have been trying to steer away from premed101 the past few days as I try and get my head right. I will be completely honest with you: although I try and post positive things for all of our benefit, I am still a human being and have had some pretty rock bottom moments over the past few days. Your kind messages of support really do help. Thank you for continually motivating me to try my very hardest to remain h
  6. Hi fellow waitlisters. It is I, rural_roots, five-time legend of the waitlist. Well it has been a tough morning of disappointment and a few tears, but ultimately my rational mind is telling me there is still hope and I need to try my very best to stay positive. I looked at my post from the waitlist support thread last year and the points I made still apply now and to all of us, so I have pasted them here: 1. Not knowing where I am on this waitlist means that there is still hope. Hell, I could be #1 for all I know. Therefore, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. 2. Not knowing where I am on t
  7. Time Stamp: 9:02 am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted GPA: 3.75 + 0.2 (MA) = 3.95 ECs: : Lots of travel, varied work experience, outdoorsy things, organic farming, campus first response, wilderness first aid, hospital/community health/aboriginal health/family health volunteering. Been shadowing 2 NOSM preceptor family physicians at a family health team in rural North Eastern Ontario for two and half years, as well as worked on several community preventative medicine projects as a volunteer with the health team. Also worked with a local Aboriginal Organization on a community kitchen pr
  8. Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder that this thread is for stats only. Also, please be respectful of those who did not receive an offer of admission. Offering congratulations to successful applicants as well as related discussion can be posted in a separate thread. Time Stamp: Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: GPA: ECs: Decision (will you accept your offer)? Campus:
  9. It's my understanding that being francophone is an asset if you are from Northern Ontario - NOSM's mandate is to be socially accountable to the communities it serves. But being francophone has nothing to do with your context score. If you grew up in rural (ex. St-Aubert) or remote (Kuujuac) in Quebec then your context score would be high, I imagine. RR
  10. There might be some variance between Acceptances/Wailtisted/Rejections, but my waitlist emails have come in between 8:25am and 9:13am RR
  11. Hey NOSM hopefuls, I'm going to be driving up to Sudbury on Thursday March 30th. Returning Sunday April 2nd. Looking for passengers to help cover gas/rental costs. I'm in Peterborough, will drive as far south as Oshawa to pick up anyone from the GTA. I will not be going into the city - Oshawa only. From there, going Highways 12-400-69 through Orillia, Parry Sound, etc. and can pick up along the way. PM me for details! RR
  12. You know it's funny, in the invite to interview letter I received my address from last year was used as well. Maybe it's worth giving them a call? RR
  13. Hi memoli, Anyone can apply to NOSM, but roughly 95% who get in each year are from Northern Ontario with the other 5% being from other rural and remote parts of Canada. Were you an adult when you lived in Bracebridge for 4 years? Unless you spent high school years or time as an adult (or both) in a northern Ontario community I imagine your chances are slim. RR
  14. Hi ontariobound! This should help a little bit: http://www.nosm.ca/map/ I assume the shorter stays in communities in first and second year will be able to be worked out with you and your husband, but it would be the 8-month longitudinal clerkship that could be tricky. There are some clerkship communities like North Bay, for instance, which are only 125km away from Sudbury. Others, however, are more remote - like Hearst, which is nearly a 3 hour drive just to get to Timmins. It is a lottery in terms of who goes where, where you rank your choices and an algorithm spits out which l
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