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  1. PM me, I did buy a luxury car at the end of med school and during residency. I have always been a car guy and I do tonnes of interest in cars, particularly high-end/sports cars. Like many said, it's a personal decision you have to make. If you can live with the consequences (most cars depreciate, unless you buy very special cars like a LaFerrari or McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 or something like that, highly doubt we can afford them....), then go for it. Go for a new second hand car (2-3 years) because the 1st year is always the hardest hit (in terms of depreciation). Also, location matters,
  2. Probably need to look into policy of your PGME. I switched from IM to FM (I am a CMG) and I was told that if you are IMG, it might not be possible to switch due to ROS (Return of Service). Might be a case by case basis.
  3. Hi, I switched between programs. Feel free to message me.
  4. There is no right or wrong answer. It is all about how much risk you want to take. If you don't invest, you will not gain anything (nor will you lose anything). If you do, depending on your risk profile, you can lose a lot or a little. You can speak to your financial advisor about it. Personally, I think the LOC interest is as low as it will get. As long as you diversify your portfolio and aim for long term investment, I think it's a good opportunity.
  5. I don't think there is anything wrong about voicing your interest. Just don't sound like you can only limit yourself doing that during an interview.
  6. I was in the opposite side. I transferred from IM to FM. Like other people said, it depends on the province and the school you are in. Generally, bigger school programs like UofT and UBC have 1-2 spots for transfer. However, they are usually CMG spots. For IMG, you do have to fulfill your contract (return of service) so it might be more difficult. I personally know someone who wants to switch from FM to IM and is not able to due to return of service contract. You might have to speak directly to PGME/province/PD.
  7. UofT Family Currently: Jan 21 (PM) Desired: Jan 23 or 15 MAC Family Currently Jan 20 (PM) Desired: Jan 19 anytime
  8. McMaster Family: Currently scheduled- Jan 20th PM Desired date- Jan 19th any
  9. Hi, I will be happy to review your file and provide my suggestions. Send me a message. Class of 2018, UofA
  10. No one really knows how pre-req is viewed post interview. I would say at this point if you have already completed your pre reqs then just don't think about them since you can't really change them now. Instead, just focus on other portions of the application.
  11. I can help as well although please PM me fast since I do not check this website very frequently. I didn't receive an interview from UBC this year but got accepted at U of A so if you are applying to U of A I would be happy to review your application. It is quite weird that UBC gave me a NAQ very low (much lower than average) yet U of A gave me above average (I don't know my score this year but last year was above average even in the OOP pool).
  12. 11 is the cutoff for OOP for this upcoming cycle so if you don't have 11 for verbal then don't bother applying. I think you will get your MCAT result back way before the deadline of application so if you have 11 then definitely apply but if not don't bother applying.
  13. Hi everyone, I will be moving to Edmonton in August and will be looking for housing on campus. I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing a 2 bedroom/living room condo/apartment/house me. Please let me know if you're interested.
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