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  1. I totally agree with what fresh underwear said. The person whom I know of has 9 pub during Phd is a young Canada research chair now. Sometimes I think it is too good to be true, but nothing is impossible. When my supervisor introduced me a young prof every time and told me that she was watching him growing up. I will be a bit stressed out.
  2. Five 1st author pubs are pretty impressive. Honestly, Nature and PNAS are quite impossible for the student who wants to finish the Phd degree within 5 years, and I dont think its good for a student's future because 1 Nature in 7 years is not worth. what year are you in ur phd?
  3. I am doing my phd in life science, and I dont know how hard is to publish a paper in the field of engineering journal. In life science, I know of ppl who publish 9 papers during phd (all 9 are 1st author on good IF journal, well, he is my idol. I try my best to approach his standard, but I dont think I am able to do it by the end of this year), and I know ppl who only publish 1 or 2 papers. I guess it really depends on the quality of Phd applicants in the specific year.
  4. yeah, same year, and will apply for med school in this coming fall.
  5. lol, we are pretty much on the same boat in terms of graduate school performance, even though I am not in Engineering. Are you doing your work related to biomed ?
  6. Thank you bearpuppy and missmathematis, I have been TAing the course for four years. I got some volunteering experience back in undergrad, but not much. I am planning to do two different kind of volunteering works next year and both will be long term commitments, dont you think i still cannot make up that category? I dont know how much is enough as I need to push my two other first author papers out next year.
  7. Hello Thanks everyone for your valuable comments. I hope we will be the colleagues at U T med.
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