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  1. Hi Internist, As someone who is interested in family medicine, what sort of electives pre-CaRMS would show sincerity in the profession and still allow for meaningful references. Please include number of out of province electives as well. Many thanks in advance, Herewego
  2. I think the most important aspect of that post is to remember that you are competing amongst some of the brightest minds our generation has to offer and with that you should be honoured to even be a part of the process. Subjectively comparing ones "worth" over another sparks the theory talk so it's no surprise they posted what they did. With the process only becoming more competitive, more applicants are disappointed and with that comes more complaints. I feel bad for the adcoms because it must be a very difficult process. Kudos to their efforts in ensuring a fair process.
  3. Expect to write an essay in your allotted time. 2 years ago we were given a choice of two prompts, both of which I could have easily written an essay about. Dont let the thought of having to write an essay make you nervous.
  4. I guess my only concern is to not encourage BC residents to resort to this. If osteopathic medicine is what you want to practice then go and stay in the states. If your heart is set on becoming an MD then I would recommend just persevering to try and get into a Canadian school. It kind of reminds me of the old Australia or Ireland deal for medical school; sure it "can" work but is it a sort of thing really worth going out of your way to do? I would agree with many posters on this forum who say that getting into UBC is relatively easy, you just have to be persistent. Thus, I encourage BC reside
  5. Well I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. With tuition being $50,000 per year I hope you're loaded! And I really hope you have done your homework on the whole job market because everyone in upper years would agree with me and not you.
  6. I guess what I'm saying is that given the current job market in Canada, coming back with a DO and a residency in the states puts you behind the 8-ball in landing a job in Canada. Considering a DO isn't highly recognized I wouldn't want to be applying for that one orthopaedic job in Toronto as a DO who trained in the states. Can it be done, yes. But stick to Canada if you can. And as far as education goes, you might want to check up on finances in going to a US school. Many schools will make you have $400,000 in a US bank account BEFORE the 1st day of school to prove you can afford your 4 y
  7. And plan to never come back to Canada unless you're willing to take tons of exams.
  8. IDMM with SMPs own medical microbiologist specialist. I won't say anything more... I'll leave the rest for you to enjoy (author of "All Bugs Don't Need Drugs").
  9. Poke my head in and say the one knock on VFMP for clinical skills is 6-8 people for 4 hours. Usually only half the group runs through the actual physical exam while the other half gets a numb butt. Also, FMPR is somewhat haphazard at VFMP. Seems as though not enough preceptors so be prepared to have lecture at UBC ending at 12 only to be in Fort Langley by 1:30 pm. Other sites had almost double the office visits last year but this year seems to have evened out (although some people were left with TBD schedules). Overall, VFMP has glitches which other sites don't but personally I couldn't see m
  10. Poke my head in and say the one knock on VFMP for clinical skills is 6-8 people for 4 hours. Usually
  11. First year it seems more distributed but 2nd year is heavily weighted toward VFMP lecturers.
  12. Just a friendly reminder to everyone not to be discouraged by rejections. The admissions committee receives tons of applications to review so maybe this just wasn't your year. Take a deep breath, focus on your remaining coursework, and prepare for next year! You will be accepted to a school and recognized for your hard work so don't think otherwise. I promise
  13. Med school is the easiest load in years? I believe 1st semester of 1st year and possibly 2nd of first year is the easiest course load, but ask any upper years how 2nd year is. I don't think you will be saying the same once the "easy" days of PRIN come to an end! Enjoy them while they last
  14. Implications for 3rd year have been proposed that students apply for an ALC which contains one or two hospitals. Students then do the majority of their 3rd year rotations at those hospitals while still ranking other rotations (e.g. obs/Gyn). It does appear that UBC is breaking away from the 188 or whatever crammed together as the 2nd year Lions Gate and RCH locations videoconference in everyday and are rarely seen in the walls of Diamond. Not to make your choice more difficult but I do believe UBC is aware of the overcrowding lecture theatre and lack of resources to accommodate everyone, s
  15. Well I wouldn't say they are high school cliques but I guess everyone would have varying opinions on that. Does sound like you are more interested in a smaller school so I wish you the best of luck in your application process!
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