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  1. Scheid. He is my favourite prof at York after Tamara Kelly. I've taken 3 classes with Scheid and they were all awesome. Bayfield is better than Hudak.
  2. All the non-lab 3000/4000 level bio courses are actually very easy, except for Advanced Biochem. You'll get an A+ in Advanced Biochem, but it is a lot of work and memorizing. The rest of the 3000/4000 level courses I took felt like bird courses. In total I took: Adv Biochem, Molec 1/2, Immunobio, Macromolecules, Cancer Bio, Reproduction, Cellular Regulation, Human Molecular Genetics, Virology. Got an A in Macromolecules (Something came up before the final), and an A+ in the rest. I'd avoid Macromolecules because its boring as hell.
  3. I'm accepting an offer for a PhD in Computational Biology. It was my first choice program. I'm not sure if I'm excited, nervous or a bit of both; it's really weird. Five years ago, I never thought i'd find something that I enjoyed that would also have a chance of leading to a career of some sort.
  4. They voted for a strike mandate. They will vote to go on strike this week (wed-friday). Stay safe, yorkies
  5. It passed as usual. Since striking during reading week = null outcome, reading week is essentially a free week of negotiating. Hopefully we get a two week reading week and finish on time.
  6. All of my professors lol I hope its short enough for me to get out of this place by May. York is pretty good, but i'm sick of stuff like this.
  7. Update for Yorkies - we will likely have a strike within starting just after or during reading week.
  8. Selling complete sets of both Kaplan 2015 and Examkrackers 2015. Kaplan set has been activated. Send PM if interested.
  9. Thanks! I think there was a point over the summer when I realized I wanted to do research instead of medicine, but I decided to apply to med anyways because I had already signed up for the MCAT and talked to referees. I might make a post in the non-trad success stories thread in a few weeks explaining my "journey".
  10. 5 minutes after I got the rejection email from Western, I got an early interview request from my first choice grad program (medbiophysics at U of T). Absolutely buzzing,
  11. iirc, people get invites at different times throughout a 1-2 day period.
  12. Your best bet is contacting someone higher up in the department. Usually the secretaries know who to talk to.
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