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  1. Every school is different. We just had to stay until convocation early in June. The rest of the month was ours. Also, July 1st is a holiday. I do believe unless you're scheduled for call on your first day or residency, which happens haha, most of you will start July 2nd. What's REALLY fun is if your first block is ICU and you're scheduled for July 1st call.
  2. I heard that you can take up to 3 months off without having to make up time. Any more than that, you'd have to repeat the whole year. I have never confirmed this myself. This might help http://www.myparo.ca/Pregnancy_FAQ
  3. I agree with lokiki that with more life experience behind you, you are much more well rounded than a kid fresh out of high school. I'm surprised this even needs to be said. We had one person in her 40s in my class. She did just fine and is now super happy in a primary care residency.
  4. lol I see this a lot from premeds. It's up to YOU to do extraordinary things with what you're involved with. Any fool can start a club.
  5. 1. In testing out the new user registration, I don't believe the forum is successfully sending out vadliation emails. 2. The limit to 'liking' posts is currently 0 I think.
  6. I don't understand why people do this unless it's for something like $100/hr, as someone said. You're jeopardizing your chances down the line even if you plan to do nothing with your weekends.
  7. It looks good gopher. I wouldn't do more than 6 rads electives.
  8. I agree with paralyzer. I did an icu elective in 3rd year and found it to be over my head, although I did see and do some cool stuff.
  9. In my experience I found many of uwopremeds arguments to be incorrect. I agree with nlengr's advice.
  10. what's the big deal? wipe that **** down. it's as good as new.
  11. your class will organize a group purchase where a littman cardiology III will be about $150. there are plenty of used ones on kijiji for <$100.
  12. last year's mean was 496, each standard deviation was 100. Pass was 390.
  13. without knowing which med scools, I would say yes it's your interview skills. the good news is you can expect a similar number of interviews next year, so practice lots. this is assuming you don't get off the waitlist! gl
  14. No it's not likely. Go see a doctor. This site is not a place to ask for medical advice.
  15. He might save 100k-150k by going to a canadian school vs. US but he wastes a year in which he would make much more later in practice. Canadian USMGs I hear are also treated as CMGs in round 1 of carms. If that's confirmed, he's better off in the states. The exception is if he gets into a 3-year program in Canada.
  16. Have you applied? That's the only way to find out for sure.
  17. For the new residents in July, check the end-date of your undergrad dental/eye insurance coverage. It may be the end of August. If so, you will get double coverage in July and August, one as a resident and one from your undergrad. If you are expecting any dental work done or need new glasses, you can save a bit more by going in July/August.
  18. A second UG is the best option for you because you don't have interest in grad school. Career-wise, unless you have a strong passion for a particular field, I would caution you against it. Lots of people who have a strong research interest will try to sell you the career. It's not for everyone.
  19. wow. I feel for this guy and the OP. OP, radiology gets a small amount of transfers every year. Even if chances of transfer into your descired discipline are as slim as you say, I'd still take a shot and email PDs far and wide. Crazy things happen.
  20. If you have very strong interest in select locations, I wonder if it's reasonable to do the same elective twice-- once as a preclerk, then again after some core rotations. Perhaps aim to work with the same preceptor the second time. This preceptor's letter will carry much more weight. I think it would work well for less service-based electives. Some schools will straightup reject preclerk elective students but maybe you can find a backdoor.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/groups/140037569467976/
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