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  1. You are right, this is false...but while people have gotten in with below 80 before, this is rare and not a trend...it is also questionable...if you know what I'm saying....! I would say that with 80 you have a chance for interview, but you should have a very good DAT score...im talking 23 or higher!
  2. I haven't signed up for my intranet yet, so maybe....
  3. I believe that two people were added the fb group last week....but im not sure if they were on the waitlist.....but its a possibility:)
  4. Yes we are....we do physical examinations and things like that...
  5. Yes in first hear! We will get them within the first couple of days and we get to wear them in the clinic!!!
  6. Seriously, some of these comments absolutely disgust me!!!! I feel sad for your patients as it seems that you will be looking down on so many of them and thinking that they are lazy/stupid/unworthy solely on the basis of their income...
  7. Questions on MCAT VR are a completely different style than the DAT...VR is more theme, what is the author really getting at, etc etc, but DAT is just reading comprehension! I dont think this is a good idea, unless you are using it to simply increase your speed! 95% of answers on DAT rc will be found in the passage, almost word for word....the MCAT is almost exactly the opposite!
  8. As others have mentioned, it depends on your situation and preferences! Personally, I am soooo much more relaxed when I am not living with parents....yes, they cook, I dont have to pay rent, they pretty much do everything, and food is freeee and of high quality....but relaxation is huge to me and also I love the convenience of living on campus..so I know that I need to live on campus!
  9. I feel like this discussion is very personal. Everyone has their own standards! For me, as long as my significant other is not a loser (by my standards), then I am happy! Fortunately, by my standards, no amount of money will save someone from being a complete loser!!! You can be a neurosurgeon making 7 figures and still be a complete loser! Personality is where it is at!!!!
  10. I don't want children and don't understand people who do...and i do realize that I am weird like that:) but anyhow, have you considered freezing your eggs? That way you can have healthy babies whenever you are ready....hopefully not too late though as that may negatively affect your children's quality of life:) freezing eggs is probably expensive though:)
  11. But to answer your question, I expect medicine to be different because of their whole emphasis on "ethics"...you should preach what you teach...also, i expect more because it is impacting people's health....
  12. Do you want me to name the people? I don't think there is research lab dedicated to this topic of "who got into medical school with connections"...wish there was though.... I think perhaps unqualified is not the right term....undeserving would be a better term! You can be qualified and still undeserving....
  13. This kind of thing happens all the time...there are many unqualified people in medicine and even more in dentistry, thanks to their hefty connections!! Of course, there are far more people who actually deserve to be there. Not sure what happened here, but he better be qualified...cardiac surgery is no joke! Fortunately, mommy and daddy won't be able to pull any strings when their ass gets sued for failing to provide standard care later on...
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