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  1. Curious, I have to call tomorrow as I was out today when they did call. When do I need to give a definitive choice by?
  2. Hey what is the wording for the wait list? Does each tier get the: "Although you were not ranked to receive an offer at this time, it was recommended that your name be placed on our Wait List. Any offer that is not accepted will be filled by an individual from the Wait List."; and its what"s after that sentence that determines the tier? I am guessing the "in recent years, applicants in your position on the wait list have received an offer of admission." is the high tier? 'Cause if so I went for the low last year to the high this year.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me out in regards to the ABS. I have written out my entries, but would appreciate someone looking them over and critiquing the phrasing of the activity... If you are, please PM me, I would send you over a google doc. Thanks guys.
  4. Hey. Yea I am here. I am trying to figure out what to do. When it came to my mom, she apologized about how she said what she said, but still concluded that she was holding out for a Canadian chance and is majorly dissapointed. Right now I am sort of at a loss of what to do. I made a post in the American section here about my situation as it stands. I have a deferred acceptance to a USDO school in Indiana (I deferred from last year to this year). I am unsure on what to proceed with. My parents are fine with me re-applying, but are highly doubtful of anything coming to fr
  5. Hello everyone. I was wondering if I could get some advice. Back in the 2015/2016 cycle, I applied with a 31 MCAT to USMD and USDO schools, though admittedly I applied late to MD. I was accepted, ultimately, to MU-COM in Indiana. However, I was not able to secure LoC funding (TD and CIBC denied us on the count of my mother not having recent paystubs, she has been on medical leave from her job as a nurse. Currently still is, as well). I was fortunate to get a deferral to this year. During that application cycle, as well, I re-took my MCAT and scored 515 (130 CARS). I again appli
  6. Hey everyone. Thanks for the replies. They mean a lot. It sucks this has happened to me. it's my second time applying, I applied last cycle with a 31mcat. I actually got I USDO acceptance, but was denied loans from TD and cibc, so I deferred. I still don't think i could afford it, or put that stress on my family (you have front your own money too as the loan wont cover it completely) it sucks that I had a chance, but no money. And now I failed at a chance here. I work two jobs. This retail job and a job with a youth group home. I want to try to replace my retail with another reside
  7. Hey everyone. So the results came out today. I only interviewed at western, I got rejected from mac and queens. I also got rejected from western. It sucked. I was so sad this morning, and I went to work depressed and out of it. I felt like a failure and disappointment to not only myself, but my family. But hey I succeeded at something. Disappointing my family. I called home during break at work to talk to my mom... I called only to hear me get blasted on being a failure. On being a disappointment. On wasting time. On not caring about my future. "There is something wrong with you" That
  8. Well. I feel like a failure. Rejection (or low waitlist or w.e). I have to go to work in an hour. And I wan to cry. I feel like a disappointment....
  9. It seems like there is this is perception in premedical culture that once you decide you want to attend medical school and become a physician you've already entered a losing battle.
  10. With all the jokes a d stuff going on, I am still concerned on what I am gonna do if I do t get in...
  11. If I don't get in I'm committing sudoko. That's right. I'm moving to Japan and commiting my life to the pursuit of Sudoko, even though I probably suck at sudoko.
  12. I feel you... I graduated 2 years ago and out extended family has already hit my family with "oh is he not in school yet? (This was after the 2015 cycle) Oh I thought he'd be in by now. Why isn't he in? I thought he wanted to go to medical school..." Pretty shitty. Also I don't think I can afford the American school I deferred at (because of finances...). So... Double whammy lol Must stay hopeful!
  13. I feel like everyone in here but me is gonna get accepted lol
  14. Ill be happy with a good wait list offer ,I'll go to windsor! Someone over there plleeaasseelord just throw me a bone. Monotonus retail is making my brain mush
  15. I have been self doubting and second guessing myself all day today. I was at work. It does not help that my job, a retail one, is very repetitive in what one does (or at least in what I had to do today) - so my mind was fixed on running through yesterday. Could have said that better, should have included this, wow did I articulate that well enough? Seriously, 8 straight hours of me criticizing myself. I really shouldn't. I know I shouldn't. Heh, when I was talking to a MS-1 that day after interviews (for any MS-1 that reads this, you guys are truly welcoming and warm, and I really appreciat
  16. I was reading on SDN a while ago about how guys are not supposed to have facial hair as it is "unprofessional". And someone raised a question about if the applicant had it for faith/religious reasons (like Sikh), and a majority of the posters basically had a "oh well, suck it up" mentality. Is having a beard REALLY that bad? I mean I am obviously gonna groom it, damn.
  17. There really is no point in comparing myself to others, you are right about this. Everyone has had their own path to how to get to where they are today, and I need to focus on -my- path, not someone else's. I think because, so man years ago (what like 2 or 3) in university I thought I would NEVER be able to even have a CHANCE at Canada (low gpa + low mcat, and yea this whole EC worry), and now in my second gap year I do (low gpa but high mcat!), I think I was hit with a mash of anxiety from those days. I just need to put those thoughts to rest.
  18. Indeed, I think it is a general anxiety I am feeling because of this opportunity! And you're right, you don't need these things to make a good impression. -sigh- Take deep breath, me, everything will work out if you put in the effort! I definitely agree with that last point, often here, SDN, and **DELETED** it seems like to get into medical school you needed to start on this path super early, like you needed to win 5 different awards in elementary school for science early LOL I CAN DO THIS
  19. rmorelan, can you be my Uncle that I call for life advice? C'mon, you can tell me your life stories over tacos. But seriously you are right. I cannot psyche myself out (something I learned from the MCAT). At the end of the day it is HOW you present yourself, not how many things you use TO present yourself, yea?
  20. Hey ya'll So I am super stoked this year to get an interview at UWO. Second time applying, first time I had a subpar MCAT, no dice... However, with the interview date looming, I am getting nervous and stressed yet again for something I have never really experienced. It does not help that I also applied to Queens, but was rejected. I understand that Queens is a blackbox, but they do look over your ABS beforehand. I feel like I am just this super average, not extraordinary applicant. Looking around this forum and I see this ECs and character descriptions of people, and they are amazing. Lik
  21. I have no idea about the difference between the EK 101 VR vs CAR book, as they did not have a CARS book when I was studying. So, knowing that... I used -EK 101 VR -Princeton's Hyperlearning VR book -ALL OF KHAN ACADEMY. USE THAT SHIT. -NextStep's CARs practice passage book (I didn't use ALL of it. I found their passages to be hit and miss, but they are overall good). Its... Uh.... Is it 9 passages? You have 10 minutes per passage. I was able to jump from a previous 8/9 VR to 130 CARS.
  22. I didn't reallly want to post, but I guess it could help someone later on idk. Result: Rejected, again Time Stamp: 515PM wGPA: 3.86 (cGPA of 3.5) Year: Graduated in 2015 MCAT: Took it three times 26 (8VR) -> 31 (9VR) -> 515 (129 Physics, 130 Cars, 128 Bio and Psych) ECs: I mean I guess average. A solid year of hosptial volunteering in 12th grade, and every summer following university. Lots of music since high school, currently produce and release stuff on collectives and shit. Like one campus volunteering leadership (was mental health related). No real research, but
  23. I would assume no. Canada is not a rolling admissions process like the US. They do everything in groups. So I would assume that they just wait till all interviews are done, and then pick out who to invite. So I think we are safe to choose a later date if we wish (I chose the later ones too)
  24. OK I will settle that they raise bio to 128 BUT NO MORE (129/130/128/128 over here )
  25. I reeallllyy hope Bio does not raise o 129. PLEASE UWO. I LUV U. I will bring all Adcoms cookies if I get a chance here
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