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  2. Personally, I relied on EK1001 passages, Princeton's hyperlearing, ALL OLD MCAT VR, Khan Academy VR, and at the tail end started to use NextStep (which... Was very hit or miss). Practice is key. I went from 9VR to 130CARs. EDIT: Also I don't think the passage packs (like EK and TPR) are designed to be suited for the computer. They are very much made to be done on paper :/ Khan Academy and the newer practice MCAT stuff is designed to be done on the computer.
  3. You gotta love the "neurotic premed" personality (that was me too... Not in medical school yet, tho lolol)
  4. Practive VR/CAR passages everyday. No need to do like a full length CARS section early in your studies, but start off with two. In the beginning, unless you feel comfortable enough, go without timing yourself and focus on what you are reading. One thing I found that helps is that right after each paragraph, do a quick half a second summary in your head of what you just read. Do not relate it, or try to formulate, the main theme. Just "This paragraph said XYZ". That helped me map out the passage for myself. At the end of the passage, then take a second to reflect on the over-arching theme,
  5. I realllllyy hope Bio either stays at 127, or just goes up to 128. I have that 130 behbeh, don't do this to me UWO!
  6. I may be the odd one out, but I hope they keep last years cut offs as this years, or at the very least don't raise bio. I got a good CAR/VR score after three tries! I will be so sad if I get knocked out from UWO cause I got a 128 instead of a 129 in bio. C'mon UWO. 130 CARS. I did this for you, bby.
  7. McMaster. Please just love me. Please. I wrote the MCAT three times for you. Please, bby.
  8. Nah. You started it. You finish it. That's it. EDIT also on 15 min break
  9. Looks like we found the server problem and deployed a fix. If you had a 5pm test (started or otherwise, re-enter at http://account.takecasper.com From
  10. I wouldn't try it, you guys. Wait for the actual "Hey you can proceed" email
  11. Let me tell you, the Canadian Medical School system is rigged against me. They don't WANT me to be accepted.
  12. Cause we keep giving them money with no consequences.
  13. "Laugh at the anxiety and panic I caused for all the pre-medical students." https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000766908820/35cceea95220b09c317f07a03b41d4d1.jpeg
  14. Well. While we wait. How is everyone feeling today?
  15. Ah so I should not freak out - though I have learned not to in these cases, this is good reassurance. The sample video wouldn't load. CASPer's login page hangs in chrome, firefox, and microsoft edge. Huh. What happens in this situation?
  16. I do music production and visual art. I had a release on a collective last month, and have a track ready for another collective's compilation EP I also am going to do some album work for one of the collectives. Fun shit, yo.
  17. I submitted my OMSAS app with the greatest filling, cause this is the first time I actually know I have a shot in Ontario. Like. I feel good. But even then I worry, I worry about things I really -can't- control (UWO raising a certain cut-off >.> Don't you do it UWO, I tried too hard for this! I'M COMING TO YOU, UWO.)
  18. Hey man, I feel ya. Score expectations vs reality sometimes stinks. But you need to keep your chin up. UP I SAY!!! You can do this, your scored is indicative of that. If you are going to be re-writing, really take some time to think about what you may have done wrong/felt was wrong during your exam.
  19. So how would a low GPA + High CARS work out? Like I have a 3.5 cGPA according to OMSAS, and my Cars score is 130.
  20. Hey fam, So I was reading through a thread where individuals were discussing UWO's cut-offs before they were posted (so in 2015), and the reaction to them when they were. Now, a lot of people were expecting a 129 in the bio cutoff, but were surprised to find it to be 127. What do you guys think will be the chance it stays at 127? I ask this because I sit at a 128 with Bio (130 with CARS), so last year's cutoff work damn well for me LOL.
  21. Here is some MCAT advice... I think a great portion of "doing well" is perception.,,, You can study for as long as you want, but if you go into this with a mentality of "I hate the MCAT, I can't do this, I NEED a perfect score or bust, etc etc etc", these sorts of negative cognition, you're not gonna do well. I took it three times, twice the old, once the new - and it is because of my new mcat that I even have a shot in Canada for medical school. And what did I notice was the "biggest" difference? My perception. When I first took it, I had that mentality of putting the MCAT on a pedestal of
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