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  1. sorry to hijack but I also have a problem with OSAP. my estimate after filling out the application is HALF of what i got last year (and last last year) . i checked my application and i filled in my program information wrong, made a typo on the "duration of program". i can't cancel the application because it says it's being processed. anyone know what i should do?
  2. Hi guys, I need to take 2.0 "bird courses" in third year to satisfy graduation requirements for my school. I will be taking 2 first year half courses in social science and another 2 first year half courses in languages (my own nationality). I know U of T looks at "degree progression requirements" -- are they going to think I'm taking bird courses for GPA or will they know my school has breadth requirements? If I'm german and I take first year german, I am guessing U of T will not be happy..? My other option is to take 1.0 bird courses in third year and the other 1.0 in 4th year; will t
  3. is psychology humanities? really? where does it say this?
  4. it doesn't matter what day you write on. Every mcat question was on previous MCATs as "experimental questions", so they already have statistics on every question. in other words, your MCAT is scaled before you even write it (so even if everyone writing the same day as you guessed every question, it will not help the curve)
  5. in the beginning (tutorial period for 15 mins?), are we allowed to use tutorial period to regurgitate all the physics formulas on our scrap paper? or we are only allowed to do the tutorial during the tutorial period? also, are we allowed to bring our own wrist watch? i have bad eye sight so i have trouble seeing far-away clocks. or do they have a timer on the computer, because when i was doing the AAMC FL's there was no timer...
  6. yeah but you have to use condoms with prostitutes (they won't let you f*ck them without a condom). i only know this through watching youtube videos (of prank calls to hookers lool) yeah the taking virginity thing is kinda weird, you can buy a house for 550k. you can get someone murdered (hiring hitmen) for ~50k these days (yes, your life is only worth 50k... that's depressing haha). so anyway, the 550k thing is totally fake. no way in ****ing hell it's real
  7. 550k? you're joking right? you can buy prostitutes for $50/hr on backpage
  8. his posts are funny though especially the part with "Working in Africa is good - especially HIV stuff - admissions committees likely will eat that stuff up."
  9. only for mcmaster (they take cGPA) and for queens, if your last 2 year gpa is lower than your cGPA they use your cGPA (i.e. your summer course will count)
  10. pure math/CS/SE/physics/some engineering are the only areas of studying that acutally require a brain. surprised you're calling them "awkward nerds", when people in science are the ones studying 20 hours a day. It's not hard to memorize, anyone can given enough time (some may be faster than others). Problem solving and analysis is different. Some people (95% of people in science) can't think even if their life dependent on it doing drugs, "rampant sex" and drinking isn't really an accomplishment. Why do i get the feeling you're just trying to rustle jimmies here, lmfao
  11. i never knew chinese remainder theorem was developed by people of european descent all jokes aside, i never said "asians" are smarter, they just do better in school from what i can see. and most people in university work equally hard. jews are smart too doe, they don't get enough credit
  12. Hey man, i'm not saying asians are "smarter" (in fact i never said that in my post), i just said most of the people in math courses are asian (this isn't debatable, waterloo is all asian). you can interpret that data however you want to, but please don't be saying i said something that i never said... "smarter", like you said, is subjective. smart in what? Females are good at cooking, and males are good at discovering things (again, i'm not trying to be sexist, and this isn't debatable. most scientific discoveries are by males, and my mom is good at cooking) I also never said 90 IQ people
  13. some people are born ugly, some people are born with disease, some people are born stupid. life ain't fair, deal with it, instead of disproving something that's been proven by science from what i've read, IQ doesn't change past a certain age i hope you don't think i'm saying i think i'm superior, i don't have a 130 IQ. i don't even know what my IQ is, nor do i care (i'm pretty sure i'm around average tho). i just know smart people and dumb people exist due to genetics. look around your class in a typical linear algebra or any upper year analysis course, almost everyone is asian (some are w
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