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  1. Also looking to switch my UBC interview from March 9 to March 16th.
  2. Yes, this was this interview cycle! I kept it short and sweet and just reiterated my interest and asked to be placed on a cancelation list if possible.
  3. I emailed a program that originally rejected me for an interview and was subsequently placed on a wait list, then I was moved to 'selected for interview ' a few days later. I'd say it's at least worth a shot! Of course, I have no idea if I have been blacklisted. But I certainly wasn't going to be considered with the initial response I received.
  4. For anyone currently practicing family medicine, or in residency, I am wondering what would be the top 5 most common types of visits you see? For example, I have heard some say it's largely mental health, MSK, and derm. Wonder if that holds up in practice?
  5. Well that's nice to hear! How are you find the workload in your final year? Do you get ample time to prepare for the Royal College exam? My partner spent his final year in intense study mode (every day essentially) for his Royal College exams in pathology, which I'm not sure I'd be willing to hack. Is the demand in psychiatry similar?
  6. I'm still in my pre-clinical years but very curious about psychiatry. It sounds like psych residency tends to be a lot more relaxed than other specialties, which is a major plus for me as I will be in my late thirties by the time I start residency and considering family planning. I am wondering how much more catch up you'd have to do if you had very little psych in your medical curriculum (other than the standard psych clerkship rotation). I have never studied psychology or much of neurology prior to medicine, so wondering how much of the theory I'd have to grind through and catch up during r
  7. Thank you very much for your kind words! It certainly feels good to say it was worthwhile to keep pushing. Stay strong you guys. This process feels random and can make you feel crazy. Over the years, I like to think I got better at not taking the admissions decision as personally. It's a combination of factors that we don't really understand. Trust who you are and all the very best to everyone still waiting.
  8. Result: Accepted (off waitlist) to SMP Timestamp: 2:05PM PST IP: MSc completed in 2013 and have been working for a couple of years aGPA: 84% MCAT: 28 (9/9/10) Interview: I have been waitlisted four times with varying scores for interviews, so I'm not sure that your subjective interpretation of how you feel about your performance is accurate. But I tried to be as authentic as my nerves allowed each and every time. I'm also a fifth time applicant. Good luck to the waitlisted folks! Know that being selected for an interview or waitlist is an impressive achievement.
  9. Accepted off waitlist to SMP (my 1st choice) I have perused this forum for many years as I applied over and over again and the positivity of some of the contributors really helped me put things in perspective. I hope I can do the same for those who are still waiting on a response. Please don't give up hope and do realize that being waitlisted is an impressive achievement itself. I have been applying since 2012/2013; waitlisted four times, and rejected once flat out (in no particular order). IP with an MSc (completed 2013) so, a non-trad applicant as you might say aGPA: 84
  10. Thank you! This was my original take and then I began to overthink things.
  11. Can anyone weigh in on the value (or possible disadvantage) to referencing CanMED qualities in the descriptions for non-academic and employment activities? The Help Guide explicitly mentions this in the Non-Academic section: "We are interested in learning more about you through your non-academic qualities and experiences. This means that we would like to know what you have been doing, what you are passionate about, and how you spend your time. We do not want to know how you are like a doctor, and encourage you not to think about your application in such a limited way. Please include
  12. Thank you for your input. Congratulations on your offer! Do you happen to know your NAQ from previous years?
  13. Thank you all for your input! Sounds like working on the MCAT is my new goal.
  14. Big time lurker here who would really appreciate some advice from experienced souls on how I should proceed moving forward. I am determined to make medicine happen, but I have been trying for a number of years now and am afraid I am doing the same thing over and over again. Some fresh insight might be helpful..... Applied: 2009 (no interview), 2013 (waitlisted; above avg. interview), 2014 (refused; average interview), 2015 (waitlisted; above average interview), and 2016 (waitlisted). Academics: Bsc Hons. (2010), Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (2011), then MSc. (2013). The f
  15. I have an interview at UBC in early February but currently reside in Montreal, QC. Anyone in the Montreal area looking to practice MMI? This is my first rodeo, so to speak. Would be a good head start for the McGill interviews later on!
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