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  1. Yes, but to be perfectly honest most family med residents who do gen surg rotations probably end up doing mostly scut and very little operating.
  2. If you complete a canadian cardiac surgery residency you can complete a 2 year CT fellowship in the states and be BC/BE in the US. Only reason to do it imo is if you changed your mind and wanted to do general thoracic. The same path in Canada would require a 3 year fellowship with 1 yr of general surgery included.
  3. I do know of many canadian cardiac surgeons practicing in the community though, they aren't as high profile but they aren't board eligible.
  4. I don't think job market will ever be good in cardiac, the residency program in surgery is somewhat Halstedian, attrition is built in. It should be something you do only if its the only thing that will make you happy.
  5. Very well informed, one point to add is you don't need to do a cardiothoracic fellowship to get a job in the US. You don't actually need to be board certified or eligible to work in the US, the FRCSC is enough.
  6. 1) Play less video games, develop yourself in non-medical/academic ways more i.e. getting out of your comfort zone
  7. Apparently Ryerson was given permission for a new medical school though in Brampton
  8. If you are a resident, definitely consider just asking them. You can sort of tease out who's willing to talk about comp and who isn't.
  9. 1D7 gave a good estimate, but is your question about med student, resident or staff life? Keep in mind hours worked depends on how busy the service is and each subspecialty may be different.
  10. 3 things: 1. Your body gets more used to it with time, to a limit of course 2. You make sacrifices or improve time management - fewer hobbies, less time for self care etc. 3. Remember that there are people who work harder than you and have made it just fine, it is doable. It is truly very challenging. I work long hours with very little "off" time. What I have found is, prioritizing sleep is most important, for me if i'm getting enough sleep 6 hrs a day, coffee will get me through any call shift, if i'm sleep deprived however, I start to notice that coffee becomes less effec
  11. It really is a combination of factors, but one of the biggest issues is that being a staff cardiac/neuro surgeon is very challenging and likely more challenging than people think. It is almost impossible with current selection criteria to predict who will be a successful cardiac/neuro surgeon from medical school. The selection process for medical school focuses of good academics and social skills which are important in a physician, but only part of what is looked at for surgery. We rarely look at technical skills, leadership, high stress/teamwork in the residency application process, but these
  12. 2) The answer to your question is that you don't need board certification to practice in the US. You do need to have your FRCSC aka your Royal College certification however.
  13. This would probably vary depending on if the surgeon was comfortable doing an emergent AAA repair or wanted to do it. If the surgeon wasn't comfortable or did not want to do it, they would send the patient to the nearest vascular surgeon. So to answer your question, this would really depend on local practice patterns which would be heavily dependent on the surgeon involved.
  14. Plenty of luck involved in CaRMS. Just remember the system isn't always fair or right, especially on the first try, but generally speaking, with the work and effort, you will get to where you want eventually.
  15. I know this very well, but my question is more of not whether they are hired, it is, do they truly feel competent in the beginning. I find doing a rotation or two in any specialty often teaches you some stuff but also shows you a whole area that you actually don't know.
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