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  1. That only applies to family med. If you do a specialty they really send you up north.
  2. I would take that money as long as we are talking about $100 million Canadian Dollars not $100 million Zimbabwe Dollars (I'd be giving up med school for not even a loaf of bread) I would finish my BSc and give up medicine. Buy a big house in Tuvalu and just chill. Anyone who doesn't take the money is so incredulously ignorant i wouldn't know where to start. They clearly do not know the lifestyle of doctors or medical students and are living in a world where once they receive that medical school acceptance letter they've made it.
  3. Aboriginal. Attawapiskat: Chief siphons off 1.6 million in federal money, Starves own people, Screams for more assistance, Screams bloody murder when the government tries to investigate where the money went, Goes on a widely public fast to raise attention "except the chief is still drinking vitamin infused drinks". They don't pay taxes, live off the government dole. Its been 300 years since we "took your land". Get over yourself and your ancestor's grievances. Get over residential schools. NO ethic group uses residential schools as an excuse to do absolutely jack with their lives ex
  4. On the other hand... Best trauma hospital in the country? HELL Yeah!
  5. I've never wanted the lifestyle of the rich (i.e. ferrari, porsche, jetsetting, fancy restaurants). I feel like its all excess and the community is full of douchebags since really to become rich you need to screw a few people over here and there. Its also all for show. I'd feel much more uncomfortable eating in a fancy restaurant where they give bite sized portions, make you tip, make you wear a suit and have fancy table manners. It all seems a bit fake to me. However, the appeal of money (I mean doctor style income). You can afford a nice car. You won't have to worry about waiting for th
  6. I visited UCD as well however, i really got the feeling of York University's campus. Its in suburban Dublin and so has a large campus with lots of space between buildings. The medical building is nice, relatively new.
  7. It really isn't difficult. If you go to a US medical school that awards MD degrees. Just do what every US med student does and then when you are in 4th year you apply for CaRMS and the US match.
  8. Are you placed in the international applicant pool or the home pool if you are a Canadian citizen and was born and raised in Canada but you went to undergrad in the UK? Also, does UofT even accept a 3 year BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences from the UK? My course doesn't study the traditional pre-reqs like 1st year organic chemistry, biology but instead we study pre-clinical medicine including: anatomy (with dissections), molecular biology, pathology, physiology, histology and medical ethics/public health.
  9. You definitely can. No you probably won't be able to afford a BMW or Audi, but you will have a car, a large home and be able to send your kids to camp, go on vacation once a year and live relatively comfortably. If you have 2 people making 100k per year you could easily send your children to private school and possibly get a BMW
  10. Anyone find that during anatomy lectures when lecturers explain to you the weaknesses of the human body you wonder why the human body was made this way? I mean how come we have the 8 carpal bones and not just one? How come there's an anastamoses at the surgical neck of humerus and not elsewhere? Why is the left side and the right side of the lymphatic system different. Why isn't the human body more perfect and symmetrical?
  11. You had a 39 MCAT and a 2.4 GPA? What were you doing in class, partying? I hope you know that if you have a 39 MCAT and instead of a 2.4 GPA a 3.9 GPA you could be at Harvard Medical School and have your life cut out for you
  12. +1. Thats all you need to send. Really, he/she just wanted a reminder because they are very busy and might forget your case. Remember to reply to the email chain you already set up not send a new email. This will allow him/her to see clearly the previous conversation you had.
  13. Ha. I thought you came onto this forum to learn the truth not to ask for sympathy. But if sympathy is what you want, sympathy is what you get. Oh brilliant york students i feel so bad for you guys. You really should shove it to your horrible professor who bellcurved you down 20%. I can't believe he would do something so cruel to you as to lower your grades down by 20%. York should just consider giving everyone a 4.0 GPA... But seriously, you guys go to a school with already low standards for entry and better grade conversion under OMSAS than most schools and you still complain?
  14. Its ok lol. Can't say i love the rain and the weather. i'm not much of a golf player but i do know that students get discounted rates. Michael Phelps came to town though, which was a pleasant surprise . Where did you end up going? Maybe it really is the grass is always greener on the other side
  15. Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh. They don't prepare you jack for matching back, but they offer you their reputation which will take you around the world and back. Not to mention if you are smart enough to get into these schools, you're smart enough to do well on the USMLE on your own P.S. muse87, i don't understand your english at all.
  16. I'm currently a 1st year in the UK however i applied straight from high school. I believe now that i was too afraid of ending up with a BSc and no med school. Now i've realized i probably had what it took to get into a Canadian or the US m school. Almost all of my friends who were around my grades in high school are getting 3.8-4.0 GPAs. GPA was my main concern because I have good ECs, good standardized test scores (high SAT scores) and great interview skills. Thus, i believe i may have made a mistake... Medical school in the UK is very difficult to get into compared to Ireland because of
  17. I'm also in a similar sort of dilemna, but a little less than yours. Its all related to all this rolling acceptances thing, multiple offers but not the same deadlines. I think though you should go for the opportunity that will provide a publication. First, your supervisor said he/she is fairly confident it will work. If your supervisor is willing to say that, it'll probably work out. Second, is that application a funding (stipend) or something else? If its just a stipend, worst comes to worse you don't get money and you can still do it as a volunteer? I'm not sure if you are willing to do
  18. I don't understand at all why you bother to complain. My school bellcurves before they tell anyone their marks. The whole point of bellcurve is so that it eliminates the possibility of unfair tests. When they don't bellcurve, everyone who didn't study enough whines that the test was hard. When they do, everyone who didn't study enough whines that they bellcurve. Clearly, they bellcurved down because the test was too easy. They want York to have some standards, be happy about that.
  19. US med schools care about the rep of your school. They will add GPA to your score if you went to a prestigious university like UofT or McGill. That being said, your GPA will suffer if you choose UofT.
  20. US medical schools are not all about your medical school reputation. In fact, the PIs will say that your medical school reputation is not an important factor in admissions. The US has many ways to judge applicants: They judge based on USMLE scores, which is a standardized test taken by all US med students. They also judge based on research done, AOA status, interviews. Going to a bad med school just means you are in a bad medical school nothing else. Canada and the US are both LCME accredited so there is no problem applying back. Getting into a BS/MD program as a Canadian is more difficul
  21. McMaster has always been a health sciences focused university. It has the best pre-med program in the country (McMaster Health Sciences), it is innovative (MMI and PBL were created at McMaster), it spends a lot on research per year and so it makes sense. Remember, the difference between rankings in the top 100 is very minor, you really are talking about the top 0.1 vs the top 0.09 universities here.
  22. Cambridge is a little bit more lenient than Oxford. I believe 2 years ago they accepted 7 internationals from an unknown number of applicants (keep in mind you are competing with the best and brightest from all over the world). You can apply to 4 medical schools in the UK in one year. You need to apply through the UCAS system. You need to take the UKCAT in the summer before your application (its a test that you can take only once a year, its similar in many ways to an IQ test). You also for Cambridge need to take the BMAT which is a more typical knowledge based test. At the end, if invited you
  23. Oxford usually accepts 1-2 international students a year out of 200+ applicants. Last year they accepted 1 student from 255 applicants (look it up on oxford medsci website). You are more likely to get into Harvard or Yale than Oxford Med as an international.
  24. Yeah, if you work hard and do well on the exams you can, but if your friend is just a tad below Canadian med, she should just take a gap year. If her problem is MCAT, retake it, if her problem is GPA, masters, if her problem is ECs, do some ECs. Going abroad will present so many hassles, you will regret not spending that extra time working on your MCAT, GPA or ECs many times before you graduate and apply for residency.
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