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  1. We wrote an article on this year / enhanced training in emergency medicine that does a pretty good job of answering these sorts of questions: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=9914935&fileId=S1481803515000615 I agree with the comment above noting that it has not yet been determined what will happen with this year / time as CBME is rolled out.
  2. Hey everyone, Just a heads up that a CaRMS Guide is available at BoringEM that has commentary and advice on the entire process. We'll be updating and republishing things with more expert advice over the next few weeks, so check in on the site to see what's new. Here are the links to all of the articles arranged by phase of medical school: http://boringem.org/carms-guide/ While there is an EM focus, most of the information is broadly relevant. Happy CaRMSing! Brent Thoma PGY-V Emergency Medicine Resident University of Saskatchewan
  3. Thanks everyone! And best of luck on CaRMS. -brent
  4. Hey everyone, Over the past year I've put some effort into creating a CaRMS Guide. It is written from an EM perspective, but I think the advice is applicable to anyone going through the match. The whole guide is here: http://boringem.org/carms-guide/ Right now I imagine most of you would be interested in the interview trilogy: http://boringem.org/2013/01/13/pre-game-carms-interview-preparation/ http://boringem.org/2013/01/16/game-time-the-carms-interview/ http://boringem.org/2013/01/21/post-game-the-carms-rank-list/ I hope you find it helpful - best of luck! Brent Thoma
  5. Those are some great questions! Absolutely. But it probably won't happen right away, sooooo, in brief: Like what kind of stuff ought I be providing to my referees? I think this depends slightly on who they are. Check out my Reference Letter Triple Crown post for different types you might like to ask. Generally, if they are very involved in a residency program and/or have been on a selection committee recently they will know what is included in a good LOR. If they haven't it might be worth providing them with some guidelines like these: https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/Instruction_sheet_for_earl
  6. Sorry AuxButtesChaumont, The big server that holds many of the medical blogs (~40 of the moderate sized ones) was having issues for the past few days. Everything should be working now - let me know if you have any trouble! Best of luck! -brent
  7. You're welcome! I find the blogs easier than multiple e-mails saying the same thing Good luck! -brent
  8. Hey team PreMed101, As those of you that frequent the blog probably know by now, I have been posting CaRMS advice on my blog for the past 10 months or so. Recently, I organized the results and compiled them into a CaRMS guide with content directed at learners in different stages of medical school and the CaRMS process. You can find the guide here: http://boringem.org/carms-guide/ It has sections for pre-clerkship, clerkship, CaRMS applications and CaRMS interviews. I hope it helps some of you as you go through the process this year. Best of luck and happy CaRMSing! -brent
  9. Hello premed101, Another post I think you'd be interested in. It focuses specifically on how to go about writing your personal letters. I figure it's particularly relevant at this time of year. http://boringem.org/2013/09/16/carms-personal-letters-you-in-500-words-or-less/ All the best! -brent
  10. 1fuzzy2dino3, Just saw that you replied in the thread I mentioned the CV post in. I guess you've seen it already! If you have any further questions throw in a comment I'd be happy to respond to them there. -brent
  11. Hey, I devoted a post to the CaRMS CV here: http://boringem.org/2013/08/31/carms-cvs-writing-them-right/ Hope you find it helpful! -brent
  12. Hello Premed 101, I put together some advice on CaRMS Applications / CV's that I think the 4th years will be interested in. I'll have another post on personal letters up next week. http://wp.me/p3ezH0-zR Best of luck in CaRMS 2014! -brent @BoringEM
  13. Hello Premed101! I put together a post on diagnostic statistics that I imagine some of you would be interested in. I found statistics so incredibly boring in preclerkship. It wasn't until recently that I really wrapped my head around what is important and how it can be used. Learn from my experiences: http://wp.me/p3ezH0-ye -brent @BoringEM
  14. Hey! If you've got time on your hands while exercising, commuting, etc consider helping your studying with some super entertaining podcasts. Maxim Ben-Yakov from the U of T Royal College EM program put together a list of quality (and generally free) resources that would be of interest to anyone moving towards EM, critical care, pediatrics or family medicine. Check it out: http://boringem.org/2013/07/20/tech-corner-podcasts-in-emergency-medicine/ -brent @BoringEM
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