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  1. Hang in there guys, almost there! PS) Remember, even if you get rejected, try again! I know the feeling, but it is absolutely worth all the persistence in the end!
  2. Gender doesn't mean much in medicine - at the end of the day, certain specialties may be more male or female dominated, but genders are represented in almost every medical speciality. I have worked with amazing Physicians of both genders. Truly, patients just want you to treat them well and possess a genuine caring attitude - in my opinion, this is the most important aspect of being a Doctor.
  3. Interesting! Not much of a decrease... Would have thought the number would have been higher with AB (new mcat). Best of luck to you all!
  4. Nope, no one.... In all honesty, just apply and see what happens because you just never know!
  5. I would second this! I sent my entries to a few pm101s and NEVER got a response as well. P.S) You can trust Tacrolimus though
  6. I can look give it a quick look! Overall, I really enjoyed reading other members top 10s from last cycle... This forum has some pretty interesting people!
  7. I had a couple of friends in the program... From what I can remember, it was basically a glorified psychology degree (their words not mine). It is a top program that attracts top students. Consequently, it will have more people entering professional school (kinda like mac health sciences). The other factor could be research experience; one guy I knew in the program had 4 publications after his degree and is now in med school. Personally, I think that most science programs at the U of C are the same. I took CMMB and can tell you that what I learned in my undergrad courses didn't help me on
  8. I wouldn't recommend just studying for the CARS for a couple reasons: (1). It will reflect on your academic merit; with very low scores in that section, it definitely puts you at a disadvantage. (2). U of C looks at ALL previous write attempts of the MCAT, and therefore a poor score could permanently be on your file, even when you apply next year. My best advice would be to buckle down and try your hardest or just wait till next year! Honestly, one more in year this long journey won't make much of a difference! Good Luck Everyone!
  9. It sounds to me you are are off to a good start... Remember, medical schools are looking for applicants who are unique in their skills. Nowadays, it seems every applicant volunteers at the hospital, fills pipettes in a lab, baked cookies etc.etc.etc. All of the these things are good, but will they make you stand out? -Do you play any sports? -Speak more than 1 language? -Have any clinical experience? -Interest in marginalized/rural populations? -Strong leadership positions? It sounds cliche, but do what you enjoy and you will find unique opportunities! Good Luck!
  10. It almost sounds like a "way" for Doctors children or faculty members friends to possibly gain admission. I always loved U of C's policy of honesty and integrity with admissions; however, this seems to show the opposite!
  11. Lol, these forums are funny sometimes... 200k for EM? Double that for an ER doc in Alberta and add about 100-150k for BC....
  12. I don't have much experience in this area... I'm just letting you know that the Pharmacists in my class's are incredible! I know one that has basically rocked every med school exam so far with minimal studying, and makes almost a grand working every other weekend.
  13. In my opinion, they will decrease, but not by much. First off, they are increasing MCAT 2015 spots. Consequently, seats for the new 2015 exam are not a factor. Secondly, the MCAT for Calgary is not really changing. They only look at the CARS section objectively, and the others aren't really a factor unless you score atrociously. Therefore, I don't think Calgary applicants will be deterred by the new exam. The IP def'n will most likely be the largest contributor to the decrease in IP applicants. At the same time, many of these people may still just apply as OOP (with 3.8 and 11 VR min). On the
  14. Basically, the way U of A scores EC. Lol, I find it very comical.
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