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  1. I haven't taken the time to look through it yet, but I'll go look for it now! Thanks.
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked, but can any current students shed light on whether or not it's worth it to live near campus? And if so, which neighbourhoods are best to live in that are most convenient? (And does this change by second or third year - as in, once hospital rotations begin?) My home is in Calgary in the NW, but it would be a 50 minute bus ride everyday or 30 minute drive to get to campus. Do most students at UC live on campus or at home?
  3. Received an offer off the waitlist this afternoon!
  4. Does anyone know how many people were waitlisted and then accepted off the waitlist last year? I heard only 30 people were accepted last year from the WL but not sure how accurate my source is. Thanks!
  5. Where did you get this information, or did you see it yourself?
  6. Didn't expect them to come out so fast... I was waitlisted as well. Does anyone know when the deadline is for those accepted to accept/decline their offer? But from AFMC, it seems 92 people declined + 13 deferrals last year, so there is still a lot of hope!
  7. I am simply curious why I've heard most people on the forums say they have 250-275k, whereas both banks I've talked to (Scotia and TD) say they can only give 200k. I just want to make sure I'm able to get the best perks possible regarding LOCs because no one on the forums has mentioned 200k as the norm. Good to know it is negotiable later on though, thanks!
  8. I never said I needed it all at once, by "right away" I meant they make the 250-275k available during medical school and not split into medical school/residency as Scotiabank does.
  9. Oh sorry I wasn't sure what you meant! That's very helpful thank you!
  10. I read both of those many times, wasn't able to find the answers to the question I posted (I'm not interested in CIBC).
  11. Hi everyone, I keep reading/hearing about people who are able to get lines of credits of 250-275k for medical school in Canada. I am really interested in going with Scotiabank due to the free Visa card/air miles, but my advisor said their limit is only 200k and that the additional 75k is only for residency, so I'm wondering where everyone is getting their loans? Can someone who has done this before tell me which bank gives 250-275k right away and if so an advisor they can recommend? I am located in Montreal if that matters. Thanks!
  12. This was for Alberta, but last year I had a verifier tell me they were contacted post-interview and I did not get in in the end (interview score didn't make the cut-off). So probably doesn't mean anything.
  13. Thanks for posting this! Did the scoring for personal activities change this year? Last year the personal activities score average was 9, with max of 16.
  14. Now that interviews are over... I thought I'd make a support group for those like me desperately waiting for results to come out, because this post-interview time is arguably the hardest during the whole process. How is everyone keeping themselves busy? (I don't have school or work, so I'm dying from boredom). And how do you all feel now that we've had over a week to think about our interview performances?
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