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  1. I am in a conflict between purchasing a MacBook pro or a Surface pro. Does anyone have experience with either one of these for the pre-clinical courses, specifically for note taking? How about for overall? I am currently leaning towards a MacBook but I'm open to opinions! Thanks
  2. The website is here: http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/services/student/medical-dental-credit.html It doesn't mention the VIP account but it does show that the rate does not change. If you want the free VIP account you can speak to my advisor. PM me if you want her contact info. You can do it all over the phone.
  3. The VIP account should be given to you at no charge. I went with RBC and they included 4 years of their VIP account for free which included a 2 year grace period. Perhaps go to a different branch or find another advisor. Their website indicates this as well.
  4. I emailed them and they said I should be receiving another email from them in a few days with the information needed to register.
  5. Hey thank4 I am curious...which documents need to be notarized? I haven't caught up with all the paperwork yet so it will be good to keep in mind as I go through the process. Thanks!
  6. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 2:04PM PST IP: MSc completed aGPA: 88% MCAT: 31 (12/9/10) EC: Lots and varied including volunteer work, sports, work experiences, scholarships, conferences and much more. Interview: Thought it went well - gave genuine answers and practiced a lot for it.
  7. OMG i cannot believe this. ACCEPTED!!!!!!! IP to the SMP program. will post stats later!
  8. Nothing for me yet ...I hope its not late in the afternoon like the previous round
  9. So there were 3 people who posted on this forum who have been accepted off of the waitlist so far. I guess there were a handful of invites after all during the first round. Any other waitlisters feeling more and more hopeless?
  10. What worries me is the fact that the second round of wait list invites is so late this year. In previous cycles, the class was full by mid-June
  11. Its hard to say whether the pre reqs had any role post interview and as the PeanutButter1 mentioned it would affect the stats pre-interview. My speculation is one of the following: 1) A regular amount of people have been given offers and are simply not posting 2) There is a smaller wait list than in previous years - can be explained by the fact that they are giving about 11 days to accept their offer (which is very strange) 3) There is a bigger wave that is coming out after June 8th Here's to hoping for option 3
  12. I'm still surprised that there has only been one post from somebody off the wait list. In previous years there were much more.
  13. Is there anyway that the survey can tell you individual stats? The survey doesn't really allow for analysis. For example, the survey says there are 7 waitlisters but there is no way to tell what their specific scores were.
  14. As depressing as that sounds, it seems reasonable . It could also mean they are doing their wait-lists a bit different this year. Perhaps the next wave will be the big one? Ugh I don't want to write the new MCAT
  15. Usually there are at least 3 ppl who post their acceptance off the wait list but it seems the wait-listers are fairly quiet this year so I don't know what to think anymore...Anybody else hear back??
  16. They haven't updated their blog so it might be safe to say that more offers will be out tomorrow...
  17. Wow can't believe this thread is so quiet! Are we expecting the first round of waves to go out today?
  18. The extra points you speak of (1 for masters and 4 for PhD) is for McMaster I believe. I don't recall UBC ever having that policy.
  19. How are all the wait-list applicants doing?? This wait is even worse than the May 12th wait Anybody have any idea how many are on wait-list?
  20. Result: Waitlisted aGPA:~88 AQ: N/A NAQ: N/A TFR: N/A MCAT: 31 Interview: First time interviewing - felt pretty good coming out but started to doubt my answers afterwards. Now the wait begins....I know there is speculation that there are roughly 70-90 ppl on the wait list. Is there anybody who has more information on this?
  21. Hello, Please check in this poll (after making a final decision) if you are accepted/waitlisted/will decline. I think this will give a rough idea of how much waitlist movement we can expect. Thanks!
  22. Everybody keeps saying May 10th....Is that a confirmed date?
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