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  1. Short answer is yes. Last year the MOTP Surge was only in the 2nd iteration. So confirm if that's still the case.
  2. THIS! ^^^. Just stay strong and keep working hard. No matter how crappy the result/feeling of not matching, just keep working at it - it really is about timing and luck. Just remember: Hard work pays off and dreams come true. Bad times don't last, the bad-asses do! Keep working hard and stay that strong bad-ass! One day, you'll be laughing at all of this
  3. Hey all - so, I'll be starting off my first rotation in July in Obs/Gyn for 4 weeks as a PGY-1 FM resident. What's the best way to prepare ahead of time to not look like a fool? Also, any advice/experiences as to what to expect? Thanks and looking forward to the feedback
  4. I think what's important is that no matter WHEN you choose to do it...make sure you do what's best for you. Everyone handles things, responsibilities, jobs, and so forth differently than the person next to them. You might be better at handling things better than anyone else here. However, at the end of the day, make sure you have a clear vision of WHY any graduate program, albeit a masters/doctorate, can help you in achieving your goals in the long-run. Additionally, if doing it concurrently with residency/fellowship will help you or hurt you in the long run (i.e., poor performance on the
  5. Not a bad idea - I recently completed my masters at U of T for similar purposes with a bunch of folks who were either in residency/fellowships or straight up practicing. I'm actually thinking about doing another one during residency myself. What most (from my perspective) did was enrol as a PT student in their respective masters program. Eventually, some simply took a year off to complete their masters and get a break from their residency program. I think the most important question is: Why do you want to do the masters and how will it help you in achieving your goals? What masters p
  6. https://www.carms.ca/news/r-1-post-match-process-now-open-2/ This should give you some good information on any remaining programs that are currently participating.
  7. Not referring to how the algorithm works. I'm well aware how it works....Merely assuming his/her rationale for putting FM above. Again, they can comment as I'm just inferring...
  8. FM is definitely one of the most competitive and sought after specialities at the moment. One reason for this is because most people like the lifestyle and similar pay scales to other specialties. Another reason is that most applicants use it as a back-up program. And thirdly and most obvious - it has the greatest number of seats (meaning the greatest number of applicants - hence the bottleneck. I would assume what is meant is likely the statistically better chance of matching to FM due to the greater number of seats/positions vs IM.
  9. What other experiences did you have that you think helped your application for you to match?
  10. Unlike some above - scored high in the MCC/NAC exams (90th percentiles) and scored a 4.0 in med school....completed a masters in 2019 at the university of toronto (GPA: 4.0)....I'm also a CSA that went unmatched in the 1st round. Utterly shocked and questioned the whole thing to the point I almost said f*** it and was about to change careers due to the utter nepotism that works behind the scenes. Nonetheless, got interviews 2nd round - killed them and told EACH program why I would be your best candidate and why they need me. Glad to say, it worked . Keep your head up and stay positive
  11. Matched to Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba! So excited to kick some ass!! If anyone wants to talk, feel free to message me - I'm sure we can talk about the journey and if there's any advice I can give, I'll be happy to pay it forward. "Hard Work pays off, Dreams come true, Bad times don't last, But bad guys do."
  12. I couldn't agree more. Discovered a current fellow at McGill who scored a 251 on the MCCEE (250 = pass). Not only did this person match to an IM program in Ontario, but they are currently at McGill doing a fellowship as we speak. Meanwhile, people who score over the 80-90th percentiles, have at least one pub, crazy extracurricular experiences, good social and interpersonal skillsets, and dare I say have interviewed well in the past.. can't even get a CaRMS interview - let alone match! Goes to show just how much luck and who you know, any given Sunday, can impact your destiny in this g
  13. Not confused...just felt bad that you couldn't finish your answers. Regardless, I'm sure it went better than you think! Best of luck! Not at this time, but maybe after April 15!
  14. Hey All, 'Tis the Season:...AGAIN. Just using the same format as earlier this cycle: This thread is strictly for CaRMS interview invitations. Please BOLD new entries and in brackets place the date that the invite was sent so that we can keep track of things easily (ex. General Surgery: Vancouver (Nov 20), Edmonton (Nov 22) ). Best of luck to everyone! *Lets keep this thread strictly for interview related communication if possible* Anatomical Pathology: Anesthesiology: Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Emergency Medicine: Fa
  15. Called them today. They said invites went out on the 2nd from the PD. Carms hasn't been updated because the coordinator hasn't received the list from the PD.
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