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  1. I don't know if I'd call 200k measly, but even then I dont think that's an accurate representation. A full-time EM doc can probably make more than that. I think it comes down to a few things: - people like the work - very mobile job (decent job market, and your patients come to you wherever you go) - money is good for the hours And probably more than a bit has to do with the ER (TV show) effect.
  2. Do not go into something for the job market. As rrmorelan mentioned, these things fluctuate. Find something you like. Then work hard to find a job in it. You'll be miserable if you choose a field that you thought had a good job market, only to find out by the time you're done that the situation has changed.
  3. If you want a list, here you go: http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2013-14/subject-ranking/subject/clinical-pre-clinical-health For actual medical training, its a wash. They're all good. For residency, its probably entirely dependent on the programs. Don't worry about this stuff.
  4. Its expensive, but I was able to manage my debt pretty well with a combination of bursaries and OSAP grants. I believe our tuition was 20k yearly, but I only really ended up paying half of that with all the scholarships, bursaries, and grants coming in.
  5. Looks like last year was a bit more competitive than this year for psychiatry - I believe Ontario was completely matched after first round, but there are still a few spots in Western, Queens and NOSM this year. Just by glancing, FM looks a bit more competitive. Queens, Toronto, and NOSM completely filled and McMaster only has two spots in rural left over. Ottawa had surprisingly 8 spots left over, and there a handful in some other cities too. Most of the other left over sites look rural or French. I wonder how many of the remaining urban spots were IMG spots left unranked in the hopes of
  6. Is there a document that lays out these changes? Does the premium affect family doctors that hold after hour walk in clinics for their own rostered patients? If so, I don't understand how the government expects this to be a cost saving measure. We'll just see more patients driven to ERs. Who in their right mind would want to work after hours without any incentive?
  7. I'm guessing a lot of their elective procedures are non-OHIP, so they don't show up on income surveys. Maybe I'm cynical, but I doubt the "beauty and elegance of the surgery" has much to do with it.
  8. Unless you did gynecology and some pediatrics as part of your overseas IM training, I don't think you'd be able to. I've seen older IM docs run walk in clinics (hell, I just saw a Pediatrician the other day), but these guys were around when the rotating internship existed.
  9. What about doing OB? May not be possible everywhere, but I've heard it pays well.
  10. Bi weekly. The gross came out to be around $1350 before any CCP/EI or tax deductions for the first 2 weeks (about 56 hours, since there were 7 work days x 8 hours per day). For some reason, it doesn't list any deductions for PARO or long term disability. Could they have forgotten? I could have sworn PARO dues were supposed to automatically be remitted... I think most provinces have a program. Which province are you from?
  11. Thanks elmocookie and rrmorelan! I got another question if anyone knows - aside from CPP and EI, what else is deducted from out paycheque? I know registration fees vary, but how much goes toward PARO fees?
  12. Hi guys, Do any Ontario residents know when we can expect our first deposit for the MLP reimbursement program (for CMPA fees)? I know the website states that the first deposit will be in July, but is that for incoming residents as well? Just wondering what happened with past residents. Also, it is normal to not hear back from the MLP Reimbursement office after faxing off the forms? I sent mine in about a month ago and haven't heard anything.
  13. Almost all the Ontario programs have rural streams that are close to major cities. UWO has the rural regional stream, where you can live in London and commute out to a surrounding rural site. This also allows you to do some of your rotations in the city. It's quite popular. McMaster has several rural sites that are within commuting distance of Hamilton. UToronto's rural sites are probably the least commutable, but still off reasonable access to Toronto (i.e. its definitely possible to head on down for a Friday night of fun). Not sure about Kingston, Ottawa, or NOSM, but I'm
  14. Sounds like a pretty niche elective experience. I think chances are pretty low you'll find someone here who has taken the same elective, but who knows. How long is the elective? You generally aren't going to be able to do much in psychiatry electives that are 2 week long, especially if the focus is on psychotherapy. The exceptions are usually general psychiatry electives, or inpatient experiences. Still, this sounds pretty cool. If you're not looking for a reference letter, it might be an interesting experience.
  15. This stuff really depends on what time of year you go to obtain it (I've had quick turnaround time in Toronto in the summer), but I had no idea it could be done in minutes.
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